a real cd explains what cd on cd sex is like

alot of "strait" guys love shemale porn.I was one of them.Pre-internet I discovered shemale porn but it was hard to find.I had girlfriends but the sex was never great.like many i was more concerned with cumming to soon than actually enjoying myself.Plus,as a porn watcher my fav was anal.My girlfriends fav...not so much.after 25 years i realized that i was most unhappy when i had a girlfriend.even then I had bought and worn nylons and enjoyed anal dildo play alone.then came the net.and i bought a wig,shoes, and some makeup.I had wanted to be with a cd.I didn't realize i could be an attractive cd.So I shaved everywhere and took some no face pics and posted a profile at alt.I wasn't looking for guys.I have no interest.Just cd's.I'll never forget my first motel meet.she answered the door dressed and was attractive.After dressing i joined her on the bed.I'll never forget what i thought the first time I deepthraoted a real cock.I wasn't with a guy.I was with a girl with a cock.It wasn't "gay" at all to me.I'm not stupid.I realized I was sucking a cock.All I'm saying is that in my mind,she was a girl.I came prepared and took some action pics i posted.I realized i was an exibitionist slut that night too.Those pics lead to 3ways that gave me someone to take action pics.Which lead to almost monthly always safe amateur cd motel parties that drew as many as 12 attractive handpicked cd's along with the occasional real girl and one memorable married couple.you can see my parties at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/paulascdparties/ if the pics i uploaded here today aren't there.But i digress.Here's my point.guys want girls.Given the chance guys would do anything.Girls,not so much.You have to proceed with caution.As Paula,I don't worry about when i cum.I can now get fucked like a girl.I can give and recieve.And gods honest truth, in my mind,these are women with cocks.Not guys.These parties allowed me to have sexual experiences that charlie sheen would envy.All you tranny lovers ask if you're gay for liking tranny porn.There's guy/guy gay and there's all tranny gay.Call it looks like a duck gay.Women are beautiful but crazy.An attractive cd is the best of both worlds.In my mind when i'm dressed and with other cd's,I'm a girl and so are they.It's incredibly liberating.And by the way,size does matter.
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9 months ago
I find guys, str8 or homosexual, a turn off, but... panties makes everthing all right with me! Even non passable panty pansies are exciting to me.. a full blown (teehee) tranny/ crossdresser with a stiffy makes me drool precum in my panties, soaking the whole crotch!
1 year ago
i agree, cd's are girls with cocks
2 years ago
so right if you think girl, look girl....duh you are and not gay. we are specially gifted girls enjoy us!!!!!!
2 years ago
I'm a transexual and I'm gay.... "Gay" that I WANT a man! Not a gay man... but a man!

I want my men to treat me as a lady and make love to me as a woman... But, I have a cock... So I'm GAY! Yet, "gay" men do not turn me on.... Men who want ME as a woman.... THAT turns ME on!
2 years ago
Nice read. Only discovered dressing lately and still a noob.
2 years ago
NICE essay! Thanks for posting.
2 years ago
thats why i dress love tobe the female love tobe treated like a lady
2 years ago
leave the last / off yahoo group search