Watching My Wife With Another Man Finally Happened

I have fantasized almost every day about watching my wife with another man. I slowly made her aware of my desires by hinting about it when we were having sex. One night we were out at the bar with her boss and his wife. We were all quite intoxicated. It was clear that my wife's boss "Scott" was attracted to my wife. As I longed to have my wife flash her tits to another man, I waited until Scott and his wife were out dancing and I undid the top two buttons on my wife's top. She immediately buttoned them back up and called me a pervert. I said I was just trying to help Scott out because he has been trying to look down your shirt! She said no way, and that he would never be interested in her. I knew better and told her, I will bet you if we undo those buttons, when he gets back he will be looking harder then ever! She let me undo them just so she could see. When they came back, Scott's wife Tracey excused herself to go to the restroom.

When Scott turned back around his eyes went straight to my wife's tits. he had pulled her top open just enough to give a pretty good view! My wife acted as if she hadn't noticed and I tried not to let him know I had noticed him looking either. She kept moving in ways to give him a better look. I could see he had one hell of an erection! Just then a song came on hat my wife loves to dance to and since I do not dance, I suggested he take her out on the floor. Away they went! I could see him really checking out her tits! In the meantime, I could see that Tracy ran into another friend and was lost in conversation a few tables away. When Scott and my wife returned to the table I could see that some how while they were dancing more buttons had come open! She had on a very sexy bra, and he made a comment about it. She turned as red as a beet but before she could cover up, I reached out as quick as lightning and pulled her bra down and exposed her nipple to him! I said look she has even better nipples! I was so f---ing horny at this point that I couldn't stand it! My wife quickly cover up and appologized for me and said I was too d***k. He said no apologies were necessary and he would like to see it again! She said now he was too d***k and he should get his mind out of the gutter!

That was all that happened that night. When we got home though we had some of the hottest sex we have ever had! I told her how hot it was that he had seen her nipple and how much he enjoyed it! She said I was wrong and that he probably was just d***k. I said d***k or not she sure had given him one hell of a hard on! And further more I told her when they were dancing I saw him press it into her so she could not deny that she had felt it! She said yes she had and it felt like it was huge! She then quickly said she had heard enough perverted talk for one night and acted mad. I let it drop. We didn't talk about if for a while, but night she came home and said we had been invited to a lake party with them. I couldn't help having those nasty thoughts again!

When we got there I started immediately making my wife's drinks with double shots! When she gets d***k she gets very horny! Once I knew she was d***k enough I started undoing the buttons of her top again! She acted like she didn't know I was doing it but she knew perfectly well I was! Scott noticed and was watching. I quickly pulled her bra down and fully exposed both of her tits to him. She wouldn't look at him but never once tried to stop me. I reached over and tweaked her hard nipples, and then she covered up and said she needed to go to the boat to get another drink! Scott quickly said I will get it for you and away the three of us went. When we got to the boat I turned her to me and kissed her and pulled her top open again! I said to her come on let Scott see what they feel like! He reached over and touched her nipple and she moaned! They started kissing and man was it fast! Their hands were all over each other. To my surprise, she was unbuckling his belt and undid his pants. His cock was sticking out of the band of his underwear! She pulled them down and started sucking his cock! She looked at me and said this is what you wanted isn't it? I was so weak from desire that all I could do was nod! My legs were so wobbly that I almost couldn't stand! I finally found my voice and was able to squeak out that I wanted to see his cock in her pussy! I didn't have to tell either of the twice! I am still not sure who was working harder to get her shorts off, him or her! She laid back on the seat and begged him to fuck her! He looked at me and said are you sure you are OK with this? Al I could do was look at his hard cock and squeak out a weak yes. When he put the head of his cock at the opening to her pussy I thought I can't believe my fantasy is finally coming true! I never felt one moment of regret or doubt. I was so turned on that I was ready to cum if I even moved! I took my own cock out and started gently stroked it for fear of cumming. She said look dear, another man is getting ready to fuck your horny wife! He then slid it in and she let out a long moan and wrapper her arms and legs around him! He fucked her for all he was worth and the entire time she was alternating between begging him to fuck her harder and begging me to watch him fuck her! She cried out as she came that she loved for me to watch her get fucked by another man, and that she loved his hard cock! (I didn't have the nerve to tell either of them that I too loved his hard cock and that secretly I wanted to suck it myself!)I just stood there and Scott said to my wife it looks like your husband could use some relief! She said well come and get it! I want you to fuck me and feel his cum in me! I didn't say anything but to her surprise I dove in between her legs face first and started licking her wet pussy and licking up his cum! I think they were both way surprised! I got up then and plunged my hard cock into her pussy. Then I said suck his cock while I fuck you! He walked over to us and she just looked at him and reached out and took his cock in her hand and opened her mouth! He slid it in her mouth and suddenly she was sucking and bucking wildly. She was cumming again (twice in a few minutes) this was not like her! Scott and I came at the same time! She was trying to swallow it but she was moaning and cumming so hard that some of his cum was running out of her mouth! I was filling her with my cum at the same time! It was then that we heard the clapping. Scott's wife had apparently come looking for us and had watched the whole thing. She acted really pissed and left. Scott quickly dressed and ran after her.

All I could say was that it was the best sex I had ever had and my wife said she had loved it more than she had ever thought possible! In the end Scott's wife Tracey forgave him, but I think only because she had decided since he had fucked my wife that she should fuck me! She wasn't into the group scene, but got together with me privately after that. I am still not sure today if she has ever told him that she is fucking me! I know my wife gives him head at work and fucks him on a regular basis! I never have to ask, I know when she has me lick his cum out of her pussy when she gets home from work!
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2 months ago
Awesome! Gave me a Throbbing hard-on. Thumbs up, and straight to my favorites. Thanks for sharing!
5 months ago
wow... what an awesome time you all had. had a fantastic wank reading this story!!!