My first swinging experience Part 2/4

Bee just laughed and took my head an guided it to her pussy, remembering Jen's plea earlier on I started by licking her clit which responded in no time. In the meantime Jen opened my shorts and pulled my pants and underwear off, exposing my rock hard cock, she gently slid he hand up and down my cock and the started licking the tip first then gradually taking the whole head in her mouth until she finally swallowed my whole dick while massaging my balls. Although I was in heaven I was in a very awkward position so I let of Bee for a second and suggested we move to the floor which we did. The girls took the chance and changed positions so I was lying on my back with Jen straddling my face and Bee kneeling between my legs caressing my cock with her mouth and hands.

Apparently the husbands where getting somewhat impatient, and horny - at least I saw Bill (Jens husband) slowly masturbating, and I am sure Alan (Bee's husband ) was doing the same. Jen must have noticed that as well because she said to Alan: "Come here and show me what you have there". He obliged without a word and stood in front of Jen with his erect cock she took his cock in her hands and slid her hands up and down on his quite large member, then she took off her blouse and bra, and finally I could see her breasts, even if it was at an strange angle. She took Alan's cock again and wrapped her breasts around it as good as was possible, Alan reacted and started moving his hips so his cock slid up and down through her breasts.

Bill was not inactive while this was happening and positioned himself behind Bee and wanted to start fucking Bee, but she stopped him vehemently and told him he was only allowed to lick her, for now, as I was the guest and would be the first to fuck her, he sulkily agreed and added "isn't it about time you fuck him then?". Bee didn't say a word but she took off her blouse and skirt, unfortunately I could not admire her naked body as I was still busy licking Jen which straddled my face. Luckily Jen got up from my face and also undressed, then she lay on the living room table and looked at Alan and pointed at her, by now soaking wet, pussy with the clit protruding, Alan did not need a further invitation, he positioned himself between Jen's legs and licked her.

Bee told me to lie down again which I did after I also got undressed, she straddled my dick reverse cowgirl style pointed it a her lovely pussy and very slowly slid down on it, this was driving me insane. When she had all of my cock in her she raised he hips still slowly until only the tip of my dick remained in her wet pussy. This must have driven Bill crazy as he positioned himself in front of Bee which immediately grabbed his cock and started licking the tip of it all the while she drove me crazy as she fucked my cock in slow motion sometimes lingering while only the tip was inserted sometimes grinding her hips in a circular motion while all of my dick impaled her. I tried to speed up the fucking but she stopped me, and sighed "We will get to the harder stuff later". I could do nothing but allow her to fuck me the way she wanted to, she started to give Bill a blow job and took more and more of his cock in her mouth and throat. I tried to catch a glimpse of Jen, which I did, I saw that Alan was teasing her clit with his tongue while he had at least 2 fingers in her pussy, meanwhile Jen played with her lovely breasts kneading her nipples, her back was arched a little and I suspected that she was close to an orgasm. I was pulled out of my thoughts back to my situation as Bee suddenly stiffened and I could feel her pussy muscles contracting on my hard cock, when her orgasm subsided she got up and gave me a kiss.

Bill got us some more drinks and the three of us sat on the couch enjoying the cool drinks, while watching Jen and Alan, the view was very arousing so it was not long until I went to Jen and played with her breasts, while I tried to feed her my cock. Jen said to Alan why don't you get us some drinks I think my pussy is hot enough to melt so I want to fuck now. When Alan got up she tuned around and knelt on the living room table offering me her lovely juicy pussy, when I did not immediately react she asked "What are you waiting for?", "Nothing", I replied "just enjoying the view", and I positioned my cock on her soaking wet pussy and gradually inserted it inch by inch but always withdrawing again so only my cock head parted her pussy then I pushed in a little farther, I continued this until my whole cock was in her to the hilt, then holding on to her feminine hips I started fucking her with long hard strokes, picking up speed and firmness of the thrusts, it must have pleased Jen as she started breathing heavily and little squeals came from her, as I fucked her. The harder I thrust the louder the squeals got, this was somehow a turn on in itself knowing that I was really pleasuring this woman. It wasn't long until I felt that I would be cumming soon and could not hold my sperm much longer, I wanted to cum in her lovely pussy but Jen noticed, turned around took my cock with one hand wanking it, and blowing the tip of my cock at the same time, it was only a short while until I came, the first squirt of cum went right in her mouth she pulled my cock out of her mouth and took the rest on her breasts and stomach. I felt my knees go weak I don't think I had ever cum so strong before, when my orgasm subsided, Jen took my cock which was going soft and rubbed it between her breasts, what a wonderful sensation. In the meantime Alan got back with some drinks and she emptied the glass in one gulp. I followed suit with my drink and gulped it down.
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