My first swinging experience Part 1/4

This happened while I was still studying and worked for a company during my summer holidays to earn some money, because like most students, I was chronically broke. Unfortunately I had to take a room in the city where the job took place, the cheapest room I could find was a private f****y, renting rooms or rather apartments they built in the garden, the rooms where small but had everything I needed, and there was a bonus I was allowed to use the pool and garden.

I moved in and found that there where 3 more rooms of which 2 where let to couples, these I met at the pool when I went swimming in the evenings after work. We started talking and drank a beer or two. Although the couples where somewhat older than me we got on well, so well that we decided to have a BBQ . Saturdays none of us worked so we decided Saturday afternoon would be a good time. Glad to have the company of some people I could hardly wait for Saturday.

On Saturday I got up went shopping for meat and alcohol for the BBQ and by the time I returned the other 2 couples where at the pool already and the fire for the BBQ was lit. I got changed and joined them in my bathing trunks, it turned out to be a lovely afternoon and we all drank more than we should and the conversation changed from one topic to another, until we got to boyfriends and girlfriends, and I had to tell them that I was single, they teased me about this fact for a while but let off when the conversation changed to other topics.

By now it was getting dark and we all had more than our share of alcohol, so we put on some music and the couples even danced, I started to feel a bit out of place which one of the woman must of noticed as she asked me to dance with her which I did. She held me a bit closer than it would be when dancing with a stranger but else there was nothing unusual, a bit later the other woman also danced with me and I was thoroughly enjoying myself although I was only 21 and the women where in their thirties. Even the most pleasant evening comes to an end sooner or later and I started tiding up and wanted to wish everybody a good night when the women suggested we all watch a video of a film they recorded that day, they just wanted to shower and would call us (their husbands and me) as soon as they where ready, obviously I agreed, so I sat with the men and we had another round of drinks. The men started teasing me about not having a girlfriend again which I hated but accepted, suddenly one of the men said: "but you like my wife don't you?" of course I agreed and they left it at that, mainly because the woman called and said they were ready.

We got yet another round of drinks and all of us took a seat on the couch. The film started but suddenly stopped and a new film showed which was more of porno. I was surprised when I realized that the "actors" where the two couples and the video was a home production, my dick started growing in my shorts and I threw a glimpse at the two couples, one of the ladies noticed this and asked if I liked the video, I could hardly get out a hoarse "yes", she laughed and squeezed my thigh. Sitting in the middle, the women on either side of me and their husbands on the outside. I continued watching the video but could hardly sit still as my cock was aching in my pants, I took a heart and a huge chance and put my hand on the thigh of one of the woman, initially she did not react but after a few minutes she put her hand on mine, and moved it higher up on her thigh, I wanted to pull away but she held my hand there. Suddenly I felt a hand on my cock the other woman lay her hand on my cock and gently rubbed it through my pants this was not helping me hiding my erection.

The woman which held my hand on her thigh turned to her husband and asked "Do you mind if I play with him?" her husband answered: "not at all as long as I may join you". Now she pushed my hand even higher on her thigh but this time under her short skirt, and I felt that she was not wearing panties, I hesitantly started stroking her pussy, but she guided my hand and showed me what she wanted, she put my finger on her clit and whispered: "Rub me", I obliged soon her clit swelled and I was getting more adventurous and let my fingers slide up and down her shaven pussy, slowly exploring, the by now moist pussy, pushing my fingers deeper and deeper and massaging the pussy lips alternately - but not forgetting to rub her clit as requested before. The woman (lets call her Jen) started breathing a bit heavier and her cheeks flushed a little. Was it the alcohol? or was it me playing with her pussy? All the while the other woman (lets call her Bee) felt my cock through my shorts and rubbed her hand all over my cock. Suddenly Bee said "Please lick me", having said that she pushed up her skirt and exposed her also shaven pussy, although I had already had some sexual encounters I had never actually licked a woman so this was also new to me. I told her that I would love to but she would have to guide me a bit as this was new to me.
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