Hot Milf And Her Teenage Daughter

I met this girl at my workplace once and we immediately got on.She was only 17 which is normally to young for me but she had enourmous tits which were out of proporton to the rest of her tiny body.She also had a nice tight ass.At the end of the first day she asked me back to her house making pretty obvious that sex was on offer.As i said she was not my usual taste but an eager young pussy should never be turned down.Once we got back to her house she took me upstairs and she led to a bedroom with a big double bed which was obviously her parents bedroom.She must have noticed my concern as she said,

"Don't worry my parents are out and anyway i only have a small single bed and i need a big bed when i fuck".

Damn she was forthright.I lay down on the bed and she proceeded to unzip my trousers,releasing my already stiff cock.She then stood up and removed her tight jeans.She had on a skimpy pair of panties which she then removed revealing a nicely shaven pussy.She the climbed back onto the bed and proceeded to straddle me before easing my cock into her shaven pussy.

"bl**dy hell.You don't mess around do you".

"Not when i am horny and in need of a good fucking".

At this she began to ride up and down on my ever stiffening cock.

"Get my tits out then.I love having them sucked whilst riding hard cock".

I didn't need asking twice and i soon had her massive tits out and they were soon slapping against my face.I grabbed hold of them and began to suck hungrily on them.This definitely turned her on as she began screaming obscenities.

"Fuck me.Fuck my teeny pussy hard.Fuck me till i'm raw.Give me that big cock deep inside me".

Fuck me i had one dirty young slut i thought.

I was getting turned on now and knew i was close to coming.I told her so and expected her to tell me to pull out but instead she said,

"Bury that thick cock deep inside me.I want you to come in my teeny pussy".

Never one to deny a woman what she wants i proceeded to explode ,filling her teeny pussy with my sticky spunk.After i had finished coming she climbed off of me and i got a shock when i saw a woman in her late forties at the doorway.

"Hi mum" was all the young girl said.

I expected her mum to go mental as not only were we in her bed but i had just fucked her young daughter who was lying there with my spunk oozing out of her pussy.

I soon got another shock as she came over and climbed onto the bed.She then took my cock in her hand and began to wank and suck it.

"Mum.What are you doing?".

"What does it look like i am doing?.Wanking and sucking your boyfriend">

"He's not my boyfriend".

"Then it doesn't matter then.I am sure the young man won't complain".

I was just glad she wasn't balling me out so i just nodded.

She soon had my young cock hard again and said,

"I am sure a young man like you still has plenty of spunk left in that young cock.Enough to fill this mature pussy up,eh".

"I sure have" i said.

At this she stood up and removed her jeans revealing that she als0 had a shaven pussy.

Her daughter just looked aghast as her mother proceeded to climb on top of my young cock just like her daughter had.

I was in seventh heaven as she proceede to ride me hard.Mother and daughter in the same bed.'Fuck yeah' i thought.

She rode me as hard as her young daughter and she was soon having her first orgasm.As her mature pussy juices ran down my young cock i pulled up her tight white t-shirt and unclipped her bra.She had much smaller tits than her daughter but they were still nice and firm and fit perfectly into my mouth.As i sucked hard on them she screamed out,

"Oh shit.That is fucking good.Suck on my titties hard young man".

As i sucked on her titties i began to thrust my by now hard cock up into her by now wet pussy.

"Oh fuck.That is so fucking deep.You sure know how to fuck".

As i looked at her daughters face i could tell that she couldn't believe how her mother was behaving.Not that i was bothered.All i cared about was fucking her mother good and hard and dumping some more of my young spunk into a willing pussy.

"That's it young man.Fuck me.Fuck me hard.Don't stop till you come".

This caused her daughter to shout,

"bl**dy hell mum".

At this her mother said,

"And make sure you come deep inside my pussy.I don't want to waste a drop".

She rode me harder and faster as i thrust deeper into her.Soon i couldn't last any longer and i let my balls go firing wads of my hot,young spunk deep into her mature pussy.

"Thats it come for me young man.Fill my pussy with your young spunk".

Her daughter looked gob-smacked.

"Fucking hell.That is so fucking amazing".

As i finished coming she collapsed on top of me and had a huge grin on her face.

"So whats it like to fuck a mother and aughter one after each other,and in the same bed".

"Damn good" was all i could say as she climbed off of me.

As she lay back with her legs open my hot spunk oozed out of her pussy.

"It looks like i have as much spunk oozing out of my pussy as you did,hey".

At thi all her daughter could do was nod meekly.
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23 days ago
6 months ago
One of my all time fantasies.
6 months ago
great story! loved it. always been a fantasy of mine
6 months ago
That was hot cant wait for the next part.,
6 months ago
all the suspense has gone by the 4th sentence