Shagging My Partners Milf Boss

We hadn't fucked for a few weeks so i messaged her and she said we could meet up before she started work.She let me in through the backdoor to her shop and i was immediately turned on as she was wearing the full business womans outfit.Long sleeved white shirt,Suit,Skirt(Which was much longer than what she normally wore)and high-heeled shoes.I wanted to fuck her there and then,fortunately she obviously felt the same.She dragged me in to the back alley-way and pushing me against the wall grabbed my dick.

"Your ready for it as usual.Be careful though as i have a very important meeting later so i don't want to walk in as though i have been freshly fucked".

She unzipped my trousers and removed my by now enlarged cock.I pushed her long skirt up around her waist and got her to put one leg on the wall ledge.I grabbed my hard cock and placed it against her pussy which was already wet.

"What did you expect?.We haven't fucked in a while and i always enjoy our fucking sessions".

I grabbed her leg and rammed my solid cock hard into her.

"Thats what i miss.Having your young hard cock inside me.Your much bigger than my husband and always fuck me way harder".

I began to build up a steady rhythm as i pumped my hard cock in and out of her mature milf pussy.

"Fuck me thats good".

You can't beat fucking a nice wet pussy and hers always is.She was soon having her first orgasm.

"Oh shit.Oh fuck i'm coming".

At this she began to shake and my cock was pushed out of her pussy.At this i decided to slide two fingers into her pussy and finger-fucked her for all i was worth.

"Oh god no.You know what happens when you do that.i told you i can't afford to be a mess".

I choose to ignore her and instead began to rub her clit with my thumb as well.

"Oh god.Your a naughty little fucker".

By now i could tell she was about to come so i fingered her pussy hard and rubbed her clit vigourously.

"Oh fuck.Oh fuck.You fucking horny little shit".

Her body began to arch up so i pulled my fingers out of her pussy.As i did this she began to scream out.

"Oh fuck.Here i fucking come".

At this her pussy began to run and she was soon squirting all over the back alley.

"Oh fuck.Oh fuck.God you always make me squirt you horny fucker".

By now i was horny as fuck and i needed to fuck her and fuck her hard.I went to lift her up onto my cock and she protested.

"I told you i needed to look presentable".

So i took off her jacket then lifted her up impaling her onto my by now rock hard cock.She made a small protest but i ignored it and began to ride her up and down on my cock.Soon we were both dripping in sweat,with her white shirt particularly soaked.So much so that her black bra began to show through.

"Fucking little shit",she said before telling me to,

"Fuck me hard.Fuck me raw.And don't stop till you come in my mature milf pussy".

I didn't need any more encouragement and i lifted her onto the ledge pushing her against the wall.This enabled me to penetrate her pussy even deeper and fuck her even harder.

"Oh fuck thats deep.I can feel your hard cock against the back walls of my pussy".

I wasn't far off coming so i got her to wrap her legs around me and fucked her hard and fast.

"Thats it mate.Fuck me.Fuck me hard".

By now i couldn't last any longer so i buried my young hard cock as deep as i could inside her mature milf pussy.

"Oh fuck" she said at which my cock exploded,firing globs of my young spunk into her pussy.

"Oh fuck.I can feel that young spunk splashing aginst the back walls of my mature pussy".

I continued to come for what seemed like ages before we both fell against each other.

"God that was good".

As i pulled my cock out of her pussy it began to drip my spunk mixed with her pussy juices onto the floor.As she stood up she took a look at herself and said,

"What a bl**dy mess".

Her skirt was covered in dust and her white shirt was soaked on the front and the back was also soaked and covered in dust.

"I told you i needed to be presentable later you little shit" she said.

"It looks as if i will be going into my meeting looking well and truly fucked".This caused her to laugh loudly before saying,

"I guess i shouldn't expect anything else when i have a fucking session with you".
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nothing better than fucking an older woman
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dirty lucky old bitch.