Suzy-A Hot Milf Fuck 2.

Having already fucked Suzy once i was keen to fuck her again.I got the chance when i saw her in a club in town.She was dressed in a tight top and a very small skirt.She came up to me and said in a very slurred voice,

"I fancy a dance with a fit youmg man".

At this she dragged me onto the club floor.She was soon running her hands all over me and eventually moved down to my crotch.She felt my cock and said,

"Whose a big boy".

She then took my hand and lifting her skirt up,slipped my hand into her skimpy panties and said,

"Whilst i play with your cock why don't you play with my pussy".

I slipped my fingers into her pussy which was already wet and as we moved around the dance floor i began to finger fuck her.As i did this she put her hand in my trousers and began to wank my cock.I was soon stiff and my cock was straining to get out.She looked at me and said,

"Lets go out for some air,shall we".

She took me outside and round to the back of the club.

"Fuck i'm horny" she said,

"I need a good fucking.But i just need to do something first".

At this she lifted her skirt up and pulled her panties to one side.

"I need a fucking piss first".

At this she bent down and began to piss in the street.Unbelievably i found this a real turn on and i got my cock out and began to wank it as what seemed like gallons of piss poured out of her pussy and down the street.

"You like watching a woman piss in the street then,do you,you dirty little bugger".

Before i could answer she had stopped pissing and said,

"Thank god for that.I bl**dy needed it though.I thought i was never going to stop pissing though.You can stop wanking that cock now and come and fuck me with it.I suppose it will turn you on sticking it in my piss wet pussy".

I went over to her and lifted one of her legs in the up.She pulled her wet panties to one side and i stuck my by now stiff cock into her wet pussy.

"Thats it.Fuck me.Fuck my piss wet pussy you dirty little fucker",

I rammed my cock into her pussy causing her to scream out loud.

"Fuckin' hell.You fucking rammed that in my pussy hard you bastard".

I continued to ram my cock hard into her and she was soon in the thralls of an orgasm.

"Oh fuck thats good.I am fucking coming".

As she came i could feel her pussy juices running down my cock and i knew that i wouldn't last much longer.I gave two more hard thrusts into her pussy,

"Fuck thats deep".

Before shouting out that i was about to come.

"Come in me then mate.Fill my pussy up with your hot spunk".

With one more deep thrust i began to come.She gripped my shoulders tight as i flooded her pussy with a cockfull of hot spunk.

"Oh shit.Fuck thats good".

When i had finished coming i pulled my cock out of her sopping wet pussy and my spunk and her juices began to dribble out of her pussy and down her leg.

"I look a right dirty slut standing here with soaking wet knickers and spunk running down me" she said,before laughing.
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very good