Shagging My Partners Boss 4 (The Black Dildo Sessi

She had been off ill for sometime so i decide to pay her a visit and see how she was.The door was answered,surprisingly,by her husband.He said she was upstairs,before saying he had to go to work.When i went upstairs i found her lying on the bed.She was wearing a see through white blouse with a skimpy pair of knickers on underneath.She seemed surprised to see me,which probably explained the big black dildo lying on the bedside table next to her.Having asked how she was,she said,

"I am beginning to feel much better,especially now you have come round".

She pulled me down on to the bed and said,

"My husbands going to be at work till late,so we can have some fun".

She reached over and felt my cock that was already hardening.
Picking up the big black dildo she said,

"It looks like i won't be needing this today".

Knowing what a dirty bitch she was,i took the black dildo off of her and said,

"I don't know.I think we can have some fun with this".

She had a look of surprise as i put it between her legs and rubbed her clit through the skimpy panties.I could see that she was already wet so i knew she had already been fucking herself with the black dildo before i arrived.I eventually pulled the panties to one side and slowly eased the black dildo into her pussy.As i pulled it out again i could see her juices glistening on it.I gripped it tightly and begun to thrust it in and out of her wet pussy.This caused her to moan loudly.As i built up a steady rhythm she began shouting,

"Thats it mate.Fuck me with that big black dildo.Ram it deep inside me".

I began to thrust it in hard and fast twisting it insde her pussy as i did.This seemed to get her even more excited.

"Oh god.That is stretching my pussy wide".

At this her back arched and she began to shake.

"Oh shit.I am fucking coming".

Suddenly i had trouble keeping the dildo in her pussy.I could feel her coming and eventually she f***ed the dildo out of her pussy.Her juices were all over the dildo and i took it and placed it by her lips.She began to lick the juices off of it before taking it in her mouth and making loud slurping noises.I could tell she was enjoying this and told her so.

"You obviously like this black dildo.What the hell would you be like with the real thing".

She told me that someone like her would never get the opportunity which made me decide that i would try and arrange a surprise for her on or near her birthday.
I went down between her legs and began to lick her pussy,burying my tongue deep inside.This got her turned on again and i took the black dildo and put it inside her pussy,making sure it was lubricated up again.I then got her to turn over and stick her arse in the air.When she had done this i placed the dildo near anus and rubbed it around before slowly feeding it into her arse.This caused her to gasp before saying,

"Fucking hell.That is really stretching my arse.Ram it in deep and don't stop till i come".

I built up a steady rhythm ramming it ever harder causing her to gasp and shout in equal measure.

"Oh shit".

"Oh my god".

I pulled the dildo out of her arse and got her to lie on her back.I then got her to arch her back so that i could re-insert the dildo into her arse.As i began to fuck her arse again i said,

"Rub your pussy with your fingers.I want to see you masturbate whilst i fuck your arse with this black dildo".

"You are one naughty little fucker" she said,before giggling.

"Thats why i enjoy our sessions so much.Here i am in my fifties enjoying the best sex of my life and with a well hung young stud to boot".

I continued to fuck her arse with the dildo as she fingered her pussy.This was turning me on watching her do this and was obviously exciting her as well as i could feel her arching her back again.She began to shake and i had to let go of the dildo.As i did this she began to shake and the dildo fell on to the bed.

"Oh shit i am fucking coming.God you always make me come so hard".

At this she started to buck wildly before letting loose.As she came her pussy opened up and she began to spray her pussy juices in a wide arc over the bed.

"Oh fuck.Oh fuck".

I opened my mouth so that i could take some of her juices down my throat.Most of her juices ended up over my face but i didn't care.I love getting sprayed by pussy juices,and hers were especially tasty.
When she had finished coming i took out my by now rock hard cock and she took it in her hand and began to wank it before taking it in her mouth.She slowly took it deep throat style,almost up to my balls.These she took in her hand and played with as she sucked hard on my cock.This got me really turned on and i was soon close to coming.She obviously sensed this as she took my cock fom her mouth and said,

"Come for me mate.Come all over my tits".

I ripped her blouse open just as i felt my cock twitch.Soon i was coming and my spunk was shooting out of my cock.I shot it over her tits and had some left for her face.
She lay back on the bed with a smile on her face.

"Oh ny god.What a bl**dy mess i look.Face and tits covered in your young spunk". she said,before giggling.

I massaged my spunk into her tits before scooping it off her face and getting her to lick it off my fingers.

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2 years ago
2 years ago
Really hot story. Love this series
2 years ago
Last word should have been session