Holiday Fuck 1

My partner organized a girly holiday with some of her friends but at the last minute one of them had to drop out and i took her place(A week with all women wasn't my idea of fun but a bit of sun never hurt anybody).One night we went out for a meal but Anna began to feel unwell.As i had not been drinking i agreed to walk her back to the apartment.Anna was in her late fifties but looked years younger.She worked out regularly and had also been a dancer when she was younger.When we got back to the apartment she said she would be okay now and that i should return to the restaurant.But i said i would make sure she was safely in the room before i returned.
As we walked into the room she appeared to stumble and i grabbed her before she fell.

"Oh.It's a long time since i was grabbed by a young man" she said before giggleing.

As i helped her on to the bed she stumbled again and we fell on the bed together.

"Looks like you have fallen for me" she said before giggling again.

As we lay there she leaned over and kissed me before thanking me for walking her home.I told her it was a pleasure to walk a young lady home which caused her to giggle again.She looked me in the eye and said would i hold her.

"Its so long since i was held by a man .I just need to be held".

I was more than happy to do this and we lay together for a few minutes.By now i was beginning to get turned on and i was a bit worried about how she would react.She eventually let go of me and said,

"Sorry.I shouldn't have done that'.

I said not to worry and she seemed to relax more.My cock was beginning to bulge in my trousers and she noticed this as she leaned over me again.She ran her hands over my chest before running them over my crotch.This seemed to wake her up from some far away place and she quickly moved her hand away.I took her hand and placed it back there.She looked at me and said,

"I shouldn't be doing this.This is so wrong".

"Why?.We are both adults.And i am enjoying it".

This caused her to smile and she leaned over me,kissing me passionately.She then unzipped my trousers and released my cock from my pants.She gasped as she saw it but was soon stroking it.After a few minutes of this she said to me,

"I know i shouldn't be asking this but would you make love to me.It's so long since i have had a man".

I gave her a passionate kiss before taking my hands and running them over the contours of her body.I explored her pert breasts,working down to her waist,before slipping them under her skirt.I rubbed her panties before pulling them to one side and sliding a finger into her pussy.This caused her to moan softly.I then ran my hands back up her body then i took my by now stiff cock and placed it against her clit.She put her arms around me and pulled me on top of her.Grabbing my butt she whispered,

"Make love to me.I want to feel the pleasure of a man again".

I pushed my cock slowly into her pussy which was moist.As i did this she let out another soft moan and dug her hands into my butt cheeks grabbing tightly.

"Oh god.That feels so good.I know this is wrong but at the same time it feels so right as well".

I held her tightly as i began to slide my cock into her ever moistening pussy.I built up a steady rhythm and we eventually rocked back and forth in time together.

"I can't believe this.We are so in rhythm together.I feel like i have been making love to you for years.I have never experienced this before".

As we got steadily faster her hands dug ever deeper into my butt cheeks and i could tell she was enjoying our lovemaking.I could feel her juices begin to flow inside her pussy and this only served to turn me on more.Soon i was close to coming myself and i told her so.I expected her to tell me to pull out but she pulled me closer to her and said,

"I know this is definitely wrong but i want to feel the full pleasure of you inside me".

I pushed my cock deep into her pussy and as i did i felt my cock twitch before it unleashed my hot young come.As i splashed the back walls of her pussy and flooded her pussy she let out a scream.


As i finished coming i fell on top of her and she kissed me passionately saying,

"Thanks.That was wonderful".

Eventually she said i better get back to the restaurant before i was missed.

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22 days ago
awesome. i discovered fucking older ladies when i was about 16. they always appreciate a young big hard cock
6 months ago
I liked it.
2 years ago
very good & yes more
2 years ago
Hot story.