Fucking The Office Assistant and Her Daughter

When i had finished fucking her daughter we lay back in bed whilst her mum stood looking at us.Her daughter said,

'Don't just stand there mum,come and join us'.

She walked over to the bed,took off her jeans and climbed in beside me.I couldn't believe it.I know had mother and daughter either side of me.The daughter grabbed hold of my cock and began to slowly wank it before saying to her mum,

'Come on mum.Why don't you suck his cock whilst i wank it.That way he will soon be nice and hard and ready for action again'.

Her mum slowly licked the tip of my cock as her daughter stroked my cock which soon got me hard again.

'Wow.He doesn't take long to get erect again'.

'No mum'.

'What do you expect' i said 'When two hot women are playing with my cock'.

I got them to turn around so that their bums were facing me and i proceeded to slip my finger into their pussies.The daughter was obviously still wet from our earlier fucking session but i was surprised how wet the mum was.

'God that is one wet pussy'.

'Well i did just watch you fucking my daughter'.

'Why don't you let him fuck you mum.I get the feeling he would like that'.

She looked a bit unsure which surprised me after our previous session so i grabbed her big butt and rubbed my hard cock against her clit.This caused her to moan before she said,

'Go on then.Fuck me.Fuck me like you did before'.

Her daughters face was a picture as she heard what her mother said.

I thrust my cock into her wet pussy and built up a steady rhythm.As i did this her daughter lay there with her legs spread and began to finger fuck herself.
The room was filled with the sounds of the daughter moaning with pleasure as she fingered herself,her mother moaning with delight as i fucked her wet pussy and me sighing with pleasure.As i fucked her in the pussy i reached round and began to rub her clit and she screamed,

'Oh god thats good.That is bl**dy good'.

I could feel her begin to shake so i pulled my cock out of her pussy and told her to lay on the bed.I put my head between her legs and lapped at her clit with my tongue.This seemed to excite her even more.

'Oh god.Oh god'.

I spread her lips wide and poked my tongue into her pussy.By now it was sopping wet and she was shaking uncontrollably.

'Oh god i'm close to coming'.

I tongued her for a few more minutes before she shouted,

'Oh god.Here i come'.

As she said this her back arched and her pussy lips splayed out,before a jet of pussy juices flowed out of her in an arc,covering the bed.

'Oh god.Oh god.I have never come like this before'.

By now i think that she had forgotten that her daughter was in the bed next to her.

'Fuck me.Stick that hard young cock inside my mature wet pussy and fuck me hard.And don't stop until you come'.

I grabbed her legs,spread them wide and placed them in the air before thrusting my cock deep into her pussy.I felt it touch the back walls of her pussy.

'God that is so bl**dy deep.I have never been penetrated so hard'.

We fucked like this for quite a while before she suddenly said,

'I think my daughter is feeling neglected'.

She said not to worry but i thought here is a great opportunity.I pulled out of her mother,lay back on the bed and said for the mother to climb back on my cock and ride me whilst the daughter could straddle my face and i could tongue her pussy out.I soon felt like i was in heaven.
The mother was riding me hard like she hadn't had a fuck for ages whilst the daughter was enjoying being licked and probed by my tongue.The air was soon full of various sounds.

'Fuck thats good'.

'God that is one big bl**dy cock'.

'Lick my pussy to orgasm'.

As i did this i let my hands play with their magnificent tits.Despite the age gap the mothers tits were as firm as the daughters.This seemed to excite them even more and i could feel them both close to coming.

'Lets see if we can come together,in one big orgasm'.

We all licked,sucked and fucked furiously.I in particular was keen to come as they both orgasmed.Soon we all began to shake.
The daughters pussy began to flow and my mouth was filled with sweet tasting juices.

'Oh fuck i am coming.Fucking hell thats good'.

Just as she came her mother came and i could feel her pussy juices trickling down my cock.

'That feels good.I love it when i can feel pussy juices running down my cock'.

This was all the spur i needed and i said i was about to come.

'Oh god.Bury that young cock of yours deep inside my mature pussy.Fill me up with your young spunk'.

This caused the daughter to exclaim,


Before laughing.

I shot warm jets of spunk into the mothers oussy for what seemed like ages before she eventually climbed off of me.I had filled her up so much that it was pouring out of her pussy.She scooped some up in her hands and licked her fingers before we all collapsed in a wet and tired heap.

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8 months ago
Great story
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2 years ago
Really fucking hot. Shame it didn't end with a family facial