Milf Training Session-Pt 1

I recently had to attend a training session for my job.It was run by a woman in her fifties.She was wearing a skirt that fitted tight around her butt and a blouse that was fit to bursting.It was obviously too small as her breasts were almost breaking the buttons and spilling out.As the training session went on i had to watch a dvd.She put the dvd in the player and sound came out but no picture was visible.She took the dvd out and put it back in again but still couldn't get a picture.

"Maybe if i rub it it might work" she said to me.

"Well it might do something",i said with a smile.

She looked over at me and seeing my smile said,

"Ooh you naughty boy".

She then walked over to the training room door and turned the lock before walking over to me.Her hand went to my crotch and she grabbed my by now stiffening cock.After a minute or two of rubbing it she put one of her legs up on the table and pulled her skirt up around her waist revealing her panties.Pulling her panties to one side,exposing her pussy she said,

"Why don't you show me what you can do with your tongue".

I placed my head between her legs and began to lick her clit.This caused her to moan so i carried on doing it whilst beginning to slide a finger into her pussy.As her pussy began to open more i slid another finger in.Soon i had three fingers,then four inside her pussy.By now she was moaning and groaning quite loudly and it wasn't long before she was having an orgasm.She came hard covering my fingers with her pussy juices.I proceeded to unzip my trousers releasing my erect cock.I smeared it in the juices from her pussy then grabbed hold of her and told her to straddle me.She grabbed my cock and fed it into her by now very wet pussy.She took it in right up to my balls causing me to gasp and her to say,

"bl**dy hell.That is one big fucking cock.Much bigger than my husbands".

She proceeded to ride up and down on my cock,her boobs bouncing against my face.As they were bursting to get out i undid her blouse and let them loose.I took them in both hands and sucked on them.Her nipples were big and stiff and i proceeded to nibble on them before taking them in my mouth and sucking hard on them.This obviously excited her as she began to shake again before having her second orgasm.I could feel her pussy juices running down my cock as she came.I got her to stand up and bend over the table.As i looked down i could see that her juices had seeped out onto the chair that we had been sitting on.I told her this and she said,

"Well what do you expect.You've turned me on big time.Making me horny as fuck.I always come hard when i'm being given a good fucking".

At this i rubbed my pussy juice covered cock against her anus before grabbing her butt and thrusting it into her arse.She cried out before saying,

"You are definitely a very naughty boy.Even my husband hasn't fucked me in the arse".

"Well i am not your husband.I am a naughty boy who likes fucking older women".

"You certainly are" she said before laughing.

I began to build up a steady rhythm as i thrust my cock deeper into her arse.

"Fuckin' hell thats good.Give it to me you bastard".

I reached around and grabbed her tits as i began to fuck her harder and faster.This seemed to excite her even more and she was soon screaming obscenities.

"Oh shit.Fuck me hard in my arse.Fuck my arse raw.Oh god,you are one horny bastard".

By now i was dripping in sweat as i fucked her ever harder and she said,

"Oh god.I want you.I want you to come for me".

By now i was ready to explode and after a couple more deep thrusts i could feel my cock twitch.I grabbed her arse and buried my cock deep inside as i began to come.

"You little shit" she said as i did this.

I eventually pulled out of her arse whilst still coming and sprayed the rest of my come all over her arse.She looked round at this and gasped before giving a huge grin.

"I guess that's what you call being well and truly fucked".

As she turned round i lifted her onto the table and grabbing her legs,spread them wide before thrusting my sticky cock deep into her pussy.By now my come was dripping onto the floor from her arse and that spurred me on to fuck her harder.I thrust deep into her pussy for about five minutes or so before i came again,filling her pussy with more of my come.As i pulled out i said,

"No thats what you call being well and truly fucked".

"Bring that cock here young man".

She took my by now very sticky cock in her mouth and began to suck hard on it,taking it all the way in up to my balls.She seemed to be really enjoying this which excited me and i was soon coming again.
After i had come down her throat she pulled my cock out of her mouth and wanked me off drainingt every last drop of my spunk out.This dripped over her tits before she lay back on the table.She dipped her fingers in her pussy and scooped some of my come out before licking it off.

"Wow.That tastes good.I don't think i have ever had so much spunk in or on me.My husband would call me a dirty bitch if he saw me right now".

I said,

"He would probably say more than that".

"Why?.I am only lying on a desk covered in young mans spunk with more dripping out of my pussy and arse".

At this she got up and after laughing out loud grabbed me and snogged my face before saying,


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very good
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damn HOT story.