Smoking and Fucking

I had often wondered what was so fascinating about a woman smoking whilst you fucked her.Well recently i found out.I had shagged my partners boss(See 'Shagging My Partners Boss)a few times and as i was to discover she had obviously talked about me.The boss of the shop next door,a mature gilf,saw me one day and asked me if i would help her with something in her stockroom as she was on her own.When i went into the stockroom i helped her with the job then she said would i like a coffee.She made the coffee and we sat amongst the stock in the backroom.We chatted for a while before she said she had to close up.I went to leave but she said,

"It will only take a few minutes.We can then carry on our conversation".

Why i didn't just leave i do not know.Maybe i had a feeling something was going to happen.

She soon had the shop shut and we went out,heading towards her car,a very sporty little number.When we were in the car she leant over and kissed me passionately.Grabbing my crotch at the same time.This caught me by surprise,i certainly wasn't expecting that.She began to rub my crotch before unzipping my trousers and taking my cock out.

"Wow.It is exactly as she said".

This comment puzzled me but i didn't have time to think about it as she went down on me,taking my cock all the way in,right up to my balls,which she squeezed.Despite being in the middle of a car park she proceeded to suck me hard.Obviously this turned her on,doing it in public.I was soon close to coming so she said we had better get you home then.

"My daughter is out tonight.So i have the place to myself.It's hard when you still have one of your k**s at home.Especially when you want to have sex.So i am going to make the most of this opportunity".

Before she drove off she lit up a cigarette and this got me thinking.I told her that i had always wanted to find out what was fascinating about having a woman smoking a cigarette whilst having sex with her.

"Well tonight is your lucky night then.I may be an old bird but i still like to experiment".

When we got inside her place she took me by the hand and lead me upstairs to her bedroom.

"Blimey you don't waste much time".

"Too right.I have an empty house and fit young man who i am told is a good fuck.And boy do i need a good fucking".

As we lay on the bed i asked her what she meant by her earlier comment and what made her think i was a good fuck.

"Well i have been talking to the boss next door.She told me all about your fucking sessions with her.And that you were a much better fuck than her husband.I had often seen you and fantasised about what it would be like to fuck you.When she told me this i decided i had to try and get a piece of the action.I hope you don't mind?".

"Not at all.To be honest i have occasionally fantasised about you.I just wasn't sure if you would be up for it".

"Oh i am always up for it.Ever since my husband left me for some young trollop i decided i would go out and enjoy myself.Preferably with younger men.Luckily younger men seem to find me attractive.Even a couple of my daughters boyfriends have hit on me.Anyway enough talk.I need you to fuck me and i want to make the most of my time before my daughter comes home".

At this she took off her trousers and pulled her panties to one side,revealing a very hairy pussy.She lit up a cigarette and said,

"Give my pussy a good tonguing whilst i just smoke this fag".

I managed to find her pussy amongst all the hair and proceeded to lick her clit before probing her pussy with my tongue.As she began to get wet i eased two fingers into her wet pussy as she blew plumes of smoke over me.By now i had a stiff cock again.She had just finished her cigarette and seeing this she got me to lay on my back.She straddled me and grabbing my cock eased it into her wet hairy pussy.When she had done this she lit up another cigarette and began to ride up and down on my stiff cock as she puffed away.As she rode harder and faster her smoke seemed to come out quicker.

"Is this what you fantasised about.Normally i have a fag after fucking.This is great for me".

"I didn't know what it would be like but it is definitely enjoyable.There again i am fucking a sexy mature woman".

At this she leant over and kissed me full on the lips.I could taste the smoke and this felt extremely erotic.I grabbed her shoulders and pushed her down hard on my cock as she lit up another cigarette.I was close to coming so i turned her over,and lifting her legs up,began to thrust my cock into her hairy pussy.She continued to smoke her fag as i built up a steady rhythm.

"Oh my god.That is so bl**dy good".She uttered in between puffs on her cigarette.

By now i couldn't hold back any longer and my cock began to twitch before it began to come.As i shot my come deep inside her mature hairy pussy she shouted,

"That's it darlin'.Come inside me.Fill my mature pussy with your young spunk.Oh god yes.I need a good pussy full of spunk".

I came inside her to the point where her pussy was overflowing with my spunk.As she looked down at her pussy a grin appeared on her face.

"Wow.You have certainly come young man.My pussy is overflowing.She was more than right".

This time i knew what and who she meant by that last comment.

"No wonder she has fucked you on a regular basis".

At this she leant over and kissed me saying,

"Thanks darlin'",before lighting up another cigarette.

I had certainly discovered what was so fascinating about fucking a woman whilst she smoked,and enjoyed a good fuck in the process.

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Some experiment.
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good for you - very hot
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