Fucking The Mature Rep-2.

See 'Fucking The Mature Rep' for the backstory.

The stand-in rep came back a few months later and said how nice it was to be here again.She then asked if i had got lucky with Carol-Anne.
I told her that she had come back off of holiday and asked how i got on with you.To which i replied,
As we were chatting the subject came around to her horse as usual and i said that,
'i had heard so much about her horse but never seen them'.

She said to me,

'Well why don't you come to the stables later?'.

I said that would be good and she agreed to pick me up after work.
After work she picked me up in her jeep and took me to her stables.When she climbed out i could see her properly.She had on a tight t-shirt,even tighter jodphurs and tall black boots.This get up emphasised her figure and showed how fit she was.She took me to the stable that had her horse in and i was introduced to her.She said she needed to muck out the stable and i offered to help.I was soon working up a sweat and said to her,

'This is as good as a workout in the gym.No wonder you have such a trim figure'.

She laughed at that suggestion but i said,

'I was being serious.You have a cracking figure for a woman in her forties'.

She said,

'Well i am in my fifties actually'.

We carried on mucking out and my top began to show the sweat soaking through.
She must have noticed this as she remarked,

'I don't think i have seen anybody sweat so much.Why don't you remove it?'.

I took off my top and i noticed a glint in her eyes.As i carried on working she stood watching me.Eventually she walked over to me,and placed her hands on my chest.She felt my chest for a few minutes before i said,

'That felt good.You obviously enjoyed it'.

'Oh yes.You have a nice firm body'.

She took my hand and led me through to the back part of the stable and pushing me against the wall kissed me passionately.This took me by surprise and i said to her,

'Wow.I think you wanted that'.

'I did.And a whole lot more'.

She began to run her hands over my crotch letting out a small gasp when she felt my ever hardening cock.I said to her,

'Is'nt this a bit risky.What if your partner appears? or someone puts their head in from one of the other stalls'.

'My partner isn't interested in my horse,and has never come down here,and as for other people,what i do in my stall is my business'.

At this she unzipped my trousers and taking my by now very stiff cock in hand began to slowly wank it.She then knealt down and took it in her mouth swallowing it down deep.She sucked on it for what seemed like ages before telling me to lay down on the straw.I guessed she was going to ride me like one of her horses but wondered how as she still had her jodphurs on.As she straddled me i saw that their was a slit in the crotch area and she sat down easing my hard cock into her pussy.This was a fantastic sight and i knew she was happy as she said,

'That is the biggest bl**dy cock i have ever had in me'.

She began to ride up and down on my hard cock as i grabbed her small but firm breasts.I pulled her t-shirt up and removed her bra.She bent down towards me and i licked her boobs with my tongue before taking them in my mouth.This seemed to excite her as she said,

'Oh god.Bite my nipples'.

I did this in between sucking on her boobs which seemed to encourage her to ride me ever harder.In fact so much that i thought she was going to break my cock.Not that i was complaining as i enjoy an enthusiastic rider.
Suddenly she began to buck wildly shouting,

'Oh my god.That is bl**dy unbelievable.I am so close to coming'.

I told her to,

'Come on then.I want you to come all over my cock.I want to feel your pussy juices running down my hard cock'.

'Oh you naughty boy'.

'Not as naughty as you.Riding my young cock'.

'I know.It's good,is'nt it'.

She rode up and down on my cock before suddenly shouting,

'Oh fuck i am coming'.

At this she sat right down taking my cock deep in her pussy.She began to shake violently and i could soon feel her pussy juices flowing.She came for what seemed like ages before collapsing on me in a heap.
When she had recovered she said,

'I can't believe i just swore then.I never talk like that'.

'Well you were obviously caught up in the moment and enjoying it too much to worry'.

'Oh yes.That is the best sex i have had in a long time'.

I finished telling the stand-in rep what had happened and she said,

'I guees Carol-Anne must have liked what i told her about you'.

I looked at her and said,

'What exactly did you say then?'.

'Oh nothing much.Just that you were a fit young man who was up for it.Oh,and that you had a bl**dy big cock'.

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5 months ago
Now aren't you a lucky bastard.
2 years ago
very good