Fucking the Office Assistant's Daughter.

Coming home and finding your daughter being fucked from behind is probably not what a mum expects to see.

I had been out shopping for clothes in the morning.I walked into this one shop and was greeted by a very attractive assistant.She was 20 years old,nice firm arse and magnificent and firm big breasts.I chose my clothes and she showed me to the changing rooms.I was'nt sure if i liked them or not so i asked her if she would give me her opinion.She came in and said i looked,

'bl**dy good'.

She walked around me looking me all over.This got me a bit under the collar and she noticed this.My cock had started to get stiff and her eyes drifted to my crotch.

'The jeans certainly emphasise what you have got' she said as she grabbed my cock.She rubbed it before unzipping my jeans,and taking my cock in her hand made a small gasp.She then got down on her knees and began to lick my cock from the tip to my balls,which she took in her mouth and sucked hard on.This turned me on and i was now fully erect.

I wnted to fuck her and i was pretty certain that she was more than up for it.I said to her,

'I want to fuck you'.

She said,

'Good.Cause i want to be fucked by you.But we can't do it here.Meet me outside the next shop in a few minutes'.

I was outside for about fifteen minutes when she came rushing up,grabbed me by the arm and said,

'Quick.Lets go'.

She then told me that she had told her boss that she was not feeling good and her boss said to 'go home to bed and have a lie down'.She said she had to try not to giggle as she said 'that is exactly what i need'.

When we got home she lead me straight upstairs to her bedroom.She told me to take off my jeans and lay on the bed.She then took her trousers off revealing tiny little panties.She got on the bed in the 69 position and proceeded to take my cock in her mouth and suck hard on it.I pushed her sopping wet panties to one side and began to flick my tongue around her clit before spreading her pussy lips wide and probing deep inside with my tongue.This seemed to really get her going and she began to writhe around.I began to buck up and down,fucking her mouth with my by now stiff cock.Soon she began to breathe heavily and i knew she was about to come.This she duly did,soaking my face in copious amounts of her pussy juices which i licked off with my tongue.
I told her to get on all fours as i wanted to see her lovely arse before fucking it hard.Her arse was fantastic and as she seemed to be a game girl i took some of her pussy juices and smeared them over her arsehole before smearing it over my cock.I then placed it at her entrance,and getting no objection,slowly fed it into her tight hole.This caused her to gasp but she soon relaxed and was taking it in deep.I took it out again and when i slipped it back in it went in easily.

'Oh fuck.That is so fucking good.I have never even let my boyfriend fuck my arse before'.

I began to fuck her arse hard pumping in and out building up a steady rhythm.I reached round and unbuttoned her blouse,releasing her big tits.I grabbed hold of her nipples and tweaked them as i continued fucking her arse hard.This turned her on and she began to urge me on.

'Thats it.Fuck my arse hard'.

As i was pumping away i momentarily looked up and saw a familiar face at the bedroom door.Just as this happened i heard a shout of,

'Fuck me hard you bastard.I want you to come in my arse'.

I was'nt sure what to do but the woman at the door said,

'Don't stop on my behalf'.

The girl looked up and without out pausing said,

'Oh.Hello mum'.

At this she pushed hard against me and began to shake violently.

'Oh shit.I am about to fucking come and i need you to come to'.

Her mum just stood there watching and this turned me on(Well i knew how dirty her mum was.See 'Fucking The Office Assistant'.).

I rammed my cock deep in her daughters arse and she came hard,covering my cock in her pussy juices.This pushed me over the edge and i felt my cock twitch.I was soon flooding her arse with my spunk before we collapsed on the bed.
What a fantastic fuck that had been.

91% (28/3)
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i love someone watching
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Great job
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
Fucking hot! Good job mate.