Schoolgirl Daughter Of The Milf Next Door

My mobile went and i could see that it was the milf from next door that i had been fucking occasionally.

"Pls cum rnd.Feel hrny.Pussy nds gud fukin.Door open.C U n bed'.

I looked out just to make sure that her husband had gone to work,then headed next door.I let myself in and proceeded to the bedroom.The room was still dark so could not see her as i went in.I removed my clothes except for my pants and climbed into the bed.As i leant over my eyes began to adjust and i got a shock.Lying in the bed was not the next door milf but her daughter dressed in her school uniform.I expressed my shock and was about to get back out of the bed when she told me to stay there.I asked what was going on and she just said,

'I know what you and my mother have been up to.What would my dad say'.

'Nothing if he doesn't know'.

'Well he won't know,if i don't tell him.But that depends on you'.

I realise i had been set up and that the daughter had got hold of her mums phone.I wondered what she had in mind but it soon became apparent.
She pulled the bedsheets back and pulling her little skirt up to her waist she revealed a nicely shaven pussy.

'I have freshly shaven my pussy this morning and i want you to lick it for me'.

I was a bit hesitant and she must have noticed this as she said,

'Are you going to lick my pussy or shall i let my dad know what you and my mum have been up to?'.

I realised that she was not going to let me just go quietly and i thought 'what the heck.She's old enough and she is definitely up for it'.I got down between her legs and began to flick my tongue around her clit.Idid this for a few minutes before parting her pussy lips and probing her pussy with my tongue.This got her excited and she let out little squeals of delight.I lapped hungrily at her pussy occasionally nibbling her clit which seemed to excite her the most.Her pussy began to get moist and as i grabbed her arse and pulled her pussy closer to me i felt her buttocks begin to clench and she let out another little squeal before coming all over my face.I lay back to look at her sopping wet pussy and began to play with my by now hard cock.She reached up and taking it in hand slowly caressed it before pulling my fore skin back and forth.This really turned me on and told her,

'If you are not careful i am going to come'.

This caused her to stop teasing me and she took my cock deep inside her throat.For such a small mouth she was able to take it all in.She sucked hard on my cock for what seemed like ages,bringing me almost to the boil before easing off.Eventually i could take no more and she told me to pull out and come all over her tits.But as i pulled out my cock twitched and i let fly spraying her school blouse with hot globules of sticky come.

'You dirty little fucker.What will my mum say when she finds my school blouse covered in sticky come?'.

'Not as much as what she would say if she new her daughter had been up to no good with her older next door neighbour.Especially one she had been fucking'.

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22 days ago
i would have stayed and fucked her brains out
2 years ago
wonderful schoolgirl slut
2 years ago
Hope you gave it to her good again
2 years ago
Elementary, my dear child. Your mother (who fucks your neighbor, the guy you just fucked) ain't gonna be happy when she finds you stealing her pussy fucker!
2 years ago
2 years ago
good story. part 2 ?
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
Nice. What a slut