Naughty Adventures With Kelly-1.

I had been fucking Kelly for a while now and we sat talking one day about the sex we had enjoyed.She told me that she was having the best sex she had had in ages but she wanted to be naughty.I said to her,

'What.Having sex with another man in your bed at home wasn't naughty'.

She said it was but she wanted to be even more naughty.
I asked her what she had in mind and she said she would show me.
She took my hand and placed it between her legs revealing that she had no panties on.I slipped a finger into her pussy and began to slowly finger fuck her.I was surprised she let me do this as she normally makes a lot of noise when we get it on.Somehow she managed to stifle her pleasure but i could tell she was getting turned on.As i slid my finger in and around her pussy i felt her lips tighten and my finger was gripped tight.I felt her body twitch and i knew that she was coming.As she came i felt her pussy juices flowing over my fingers.As her orgasm subsided she released my finger and i withdrew it from her pussy.It was covered in sticky juices and she told me to lick them off.When i had done this i told her to meet me outside at the smokers shelter.
I walked outside to the shelter and she joined me a few minutes later.I by now had a very stiff cock which she released from my trousers.She then turned with her back to me,lifted up her skirt and spreading her arse cheeks proceeded to ease herself onto my hard cock.As she began to ride up and down on my cock she told me to unbutton her blouse.I told her that if somebody came round the corner they would see her tits bouncing around and she said,

'I know.Is'nt it exciting'.

I unbuttoned her blouse and grabbed hold of her big tits as she continued to ride up and down on my hard cock,all the while letting her feelings out.

'Oh fuck.Oh that is so fucking good.Oh shit'.

I was surprised that she was being so vocal and she said,

'I told you.I wanted to be more naughty.Anybody could come round the corner and see me riding your young,hard cock.And that is turning me on and making me fucking horny'.

She wasn't the only one who was turned on and i could feel my cock ready to explode.She obviously sensed this as she pushed down on me and my cock went deep inside her pussy.Just as it hit the back walls of her pussy my cock twitched and i began to shoot my young come deep into her mature pussy.

'Oh fuck.Thats it.Fill my pussy full of your come'.

I came for what seemed like ages and when she climbed off of me my come was oozing out of her pussy and dribbling down her legs.She buttoned her blouse up but made no attempt to clean up and calmly walked off.I pulled my trousers up just as somebody walked into the shelter.They remarked,

'That it was a good day'.

and i said,

'Not bad'

and saying goodbye,walked away with a smile on my face.
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2 years ago
good, seeing a woman with cum spots on her legs is a great turn-on
2 years ago