Shagging My Partners Boss -2.

I had recently shagged my partners boss(See 'Shagging My Partners Boss) and whilst it was enjoyable,and she had made it obvious she was up for more,i decided it was too close to home.One day though i was shopping in the next door shop when she came up to me.She was looking especially hot dressed in a tight fitting white blouse that flaunted her magnificent cleavage,a short skirt that only just reached her knees and a pair of red high heeled shoes.We made small talk before she whispered to me that she was dissappointed that

'..i hadn't come round for more,if you know what i mean'.

I tried to explain why i hadn't but it was obvious that she wasn't listening.As she went to go back to her shop she leaned in and whispered to me,

'Meet me round the back when we are closed'.

Despite my resolve the sight of her looking so hot was too much and i found myself round by the back of her shop at closing time.After a few minutes she opened the door and let me in.She kissed me passionately before grabbing my cock.

'After the last session i haven't stopped thinking about your cock and the way you fucked me with it'.

With this she led me to her office and pushing the contents of her desk to one side she climbed up onto it.As she did this her skirt rode up and i discovered that she had no panties on.This exposed her shaved pussy which i was sure she hadn't had before.

'I must have had a premonition.that i was going to have some fun today as i don't normally wear such short skirts and i only shaved my pussy last night'.

I told her it was good and that i

'Especially liked that her pussy was shaven and that i was going to enjoy going down on her'.

Before i got that far she she spread her legs and using her fingers held her pussy open.

'Much as i love your oral skills,right now i just need a good hard fucking from that young cock of yours.I haven't had a decent fuck since i fucked you'.

As i walked over to her i took my by now very stiff cock out and played with it in front of her.

'Stop teasing me you bastard.Give me that cock.I need that cock in my pussy.Come here and fuck me now'.

I rubbed my cock against her clit teasing her a little bit more.

'bl**dy well fuck me now.You know how much i want you.Stop being a prick teasing little shit'.

At this i grabbed her legs and as i put them in the air i pushed my cock hard against her clit and rammed my cock hard into her pussy.

'Is this what you want?'.i said

'Oh yes' she said as she gasped in pleasure.

'Its so good to feel a big cock inside me.I love having my pussy stretched wide for a change'.

I fucked her slowly at first gradually building up to a steady rhythm.She gasped and moaned in equal measure and it was good that she let me know how much she was enjoying it.As i began to fuck her harder and faster she got even noisier and began talkin even louder and dirtier.

'Oh god.Oh fuck.Fucking hell.Ram that young cock in my fucking pussy.Give it to me you horny bugger'.

As i rammed my cock deep inside her i felt her body start to shake and could tell she was about to come.I began to really pound her pussy hard.

'Shit.Oh shit i am fucking coming'.

At this her body started to shake violently and i soon felt her pussy juices flowing over my cock.I pulled out whilst she was still coming and watched as her juices began to leak out of her pussy onto the office carpet.

'Oh my fucking god.This is a fucking orgasm and a half'.

She began to ease off before i went down between her legs and began to lick her pussy clean.She begged me to,

'Carry on fucking me.Please don't stop'.

But i ignored her as i wanted to taste her lovely pussy juices and sample that shaven pussy.I did this for five minutes or so before i could begin to feel her body shaking again.

'Oh fuck i'm coming again.I can't control it.You sure know how to make a woman come'.

As she shouted,

'Oh fuck,here i come'.

I stepped back and watched her come again.This time she seemed to be even more turned on.Suddenly she bucked and her back arched.As her body did this she began to scream and shout again.

'Oh shit.Oh fuck.Fuck i'm coming'.

With this her pussy opened up and she began to spray her pussy juices in a wide arc,covering the office floor.

'Oh god i can't stop it.I have never come like this before'.

She continued to come for a few more minutes before she subsided.Looking down at the floor,which looked like the roof had sprung a leak she said,

'bl**dy hell.Look at the state of the bl**dy floor'.

As she lay back i took my still stiff cock and rammed it back into her by now very wet pussy.

'That feels so good.I love fucking a wet pussy'.

She laughed and said,

'And that is definitely one bl**dy wet pussy,hey mate'.

I began to fuck her hard and fast again and the feel of her pussy juices against my cock were a real turn on,and i knew i wasn't going to last long.I told her so and she said,

'Come on then.Bury that young cock deep inside my mature pussy.I want to feel your young cock against the back walls of my pussy.I know i am already wet but i want you to make me even wetter.Come for me.Come deep inside me'.

At this my cock began to twitch and i pushed my cock deep inside her pussy.I could feel my cock touch the back walls of her pussy as i began to come.

'Oh god.Here i come'.

'Thats it come inside me.Fill my pussy up with your young spunk'.

I came quite hard and when i pulled out of her pussy she was again leaking,only this time it was my come dripping onto the floor.

'I think we have made a bit of a mess of your office floor'.

'We bl**dy well have.I just hope it will come clean.Else i don't know how i will explain it'.

At this i looked up and noticed that it was now quite late.

'What will your husband say at you arriving home so late?'.

'Nothing at all'.

I looked at her with surprise and carried on saying,

'I told him i was going to the gym for a workout.I never made it to the gym,but i think i got my workout,don't you'.

At this last comment she laughed then gave a big wide grin.

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