Mature Blow Job At A Wedding

I attended a wedding recently with my partner and i was introduced to 2 s****rs.I knew the first one but the second one i had only heard about.Mandy was about 59-60 but looked a lot younger.She would have probably looked even younger but she had on one of those long Laura Ashley type dresses.Later in the evening i was asked if i would dance with her as she had come alone.I reluctantly agreed and i led her onto the dance floor just as a slow song came on.As the song started she grabbed me and held me tightly to her.As she did this her hands moved around to my butt and she grabbed both cheeks.Despite not being particularly attracted to her i found myself getting a hard on.She soon noticed this and whispered in my ear,

'Do you always get this with women you don't know?'.

I was a little bit embarrassed especially as my partner could have seen me in that state.I looked over to her and fortunately she was preoccupied.I said to Mandy that i needed to go outside for some fresh air.When i had been out there a couple of minutes i felt a hand on my butt.Turning around i saw that it was Mandy.I told her to behave,and that someone might see.

'Lets go somewhere else then'.And grabbing my hand she dragged me round the back of the building.

There were some beer kegs left there and she sat down on one.This pushed her long dress up enough that i could now see that she had shapely legs.I was beginning to change my mind about how i thought of her.She called me over and grabbing me she kissed me passionately.Her hands then went to my waist and she grabbed my crotch before taking my cock out.She flicked her tongue around the tip before taking it into her mouth.This was unbelievable and she gave me one of the most amazing deepthroated blow jobs i had ever enjoyed.She continued this for quite a while before i told her that i was about to come.
She took my cock out of her mouth and began to wank it furiously and i said i couldn't hold back any longer.As i was about to come she took my cock back in her mouth and i was soon firing warm jets of spunk down her throat.She took it all in and swallowed it all without even gagging once,which surprised me immensely.This must have shown on my face as when we had finished she said,

Why are you looking so surprised.I may be nearly sixty but i still know what to do.In fact i bet i could teach a young man like you a thing or two'.

I said,

'I am sure you can.But we better get back before somone notices we are gone'.
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2 years ago
love a good wedding!
2 years ago
2 years ago
That's hot; have to have more!