Suzy-A Hot Milf Fuck

I had heard that a woman at work was up for it.Basically i was told she would fuck anything with a pulse,but preferably a young pulse.As Suzy was 44 and i was 24 i figured i was in with a chance.One day i saw her waiting at the bus stop and stopped to offer her a lift.As she got in she thanked me and said,

'How far are you going?'.

'I can go all the way'.

The look on her face and the smile that appeared told me all i needed to know.I would get to fuck her if i wanted to,and boy did i want to.She was quite small but had curves in all the right places.She had a tight ass and small,but perfectly round and pert,breasts.
When we reached her place she thanked me for the ride and i said,

'Thats okay.You can ride me anytime you like'.

She giggled as i realised what i had said.Then looking straight at me she reached over and grabbed my crotch.

'It looks like you have the perfect ride'.

And releasing my cock from my trousers she gasped in shock.It was soon me that was in shock,however.She lifted up her short skirt,and pulling her panties to one side,she straddled me,and eased herself onto my stiff cock.She then began to ride up and down on my cock.All this while parked in her driveway.She obviously didn't care what the neighbours thought.As she rode up and down on my hard cock she started to moan and groan loudly.Her rhythms became faster and she was soon screaming,

'Oh god i'm coming'.

As she said this she pushed down onto my cock,taking me in right up to my balls,and began to shake.This was pushing me over the edge and i told her i was about to come too.

'Lets see if we can come together then'.

I grabbed her shoulders so that i could bury my cock deep inside her and after she had ridden up and down a few more times she screamed again,

'Oh fuck.I am fucking coming big time.Come for me now mate.I want to feel you coming inside me as i come.Fill me up with your hot young spunk'.

This pushed me over the edge and i felt my balls twitch before they began to explode,firing my young spunk into her mature pussy.

'Oh my god.Fuck.That is so fucking good'.

As i did this she started to come herself,and i could feel her pussy juices running down my cock.When we had both finished coming we collapsed in a heap on the front seat.Suddenly we were disturbed by a knock on the window.Looking up i saw an old lady looking in the window of the car.She had obviously seen us fucking and was disgusted that we had done it in public view on the driveway,
and told us so.I didn't know what to say but Suzy answered for me.

'Piss off you old bitch.This is my driveway.And if i want to fuck in a car on it i will.So piss off back inside behind your net curtains'.

All i could do was collapse in laughter at this.

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