Fucking The Canteen Manager-2

In part one of this story i had a hard and fast fucking session with the canteen manager.Part two involves the woman who took over the canteen when she left.She was a lot older than the previous manager(Late forties),but she had a hot ass which caught my eye.I had often seen her waiting at the bus stop when i left and one day as we left at the same time i asked her if she wanted a lift but she declined.The next day it was raining and i saw her at the bus stop getting wet as the glass was broken.I nearly didn't stop,as i thought she would say no again,but i decide i couldn't leave her in the rain.This time she said she would love a lift.She said her husband was supposed to have picked her up but had not arrived.We were soon at her house and as we pulled up her mobile went.

'Hello dear.Where were you?.You were supposed to pick me up'.

There was a short silence,then she said,

'Ok dear.I'll see you later'.

At this she turned the phone off and said,

'He had to stay on at work.He doesn't know how late he will be.He is going to ring me when he is close to leaving.It looks like another night sitting in on my own.Maybe you would like to come in for a while and keep an old woman company'.

I told her,

'That i would be happy to keep a young woman company'.

She laughed at this,saying,

'I am 48 years old'.

I told her that she didn't look her age and that age is just a number.We went in and she made a cup of tea as we enjoyed a pleasant chat.Her phone then received a text.After reading it she said,

'Now my husband says he is going to the pub after work.Heavens knows what time he will roll in.He will probably be d***k as well.Oh well i better put some dinner on.Why don't you stay.There is plenty.She cooked spaghetti bolognese.It was lovely but it is tricky to eat without making a mess.Towards the end of the meal i spilt some down me and she came over to wipe me clean.As she did this i had a piece hanging out of my mouth.She took the other end in her mouth and began to suck the pasta in.This caused our lips to press together.There was an embarrassed silence,which i ended by grabbing her and kissing her lips properly.She pulled my chair back and sat on my lap.We kissed passionately for a few minutes before she remarked,

'...Something was sticking in her'.

She stood up and released my cock.It sprang to attention and she knealt down before taking it in her mouth.She expertly deep throated me,putting me on the verge of coming.She stood up again,took off her jeans,slipped her panties down and jumped onto the kitchen table.She lay down with her legs open and said,

'Come here young man.Bring that nice young cock over here'.

I stood up and came over to her.

'That's it.Now put it in me.I want you to fuck me young man'.

She wrapped her legs tightly around me as i began to thrust in and out of her pussy.As i began to pound her i was close to coming again.I pushed my cock in deeper just as i shot my first drop of come.I was soon firing deep into her pussy and she was moaning with delight.When i had finished coming i asked her to suck my cock again,as i,

'Want to fuck you from behind.I have admired your arse for a long time.Now i want to get a hold of it and fuck it'.

She said,

'I have often noticed you looking at my arse.And your attempts to give me a lift home made me suspect that when you dropped me off you hoped i would invite you in and ask you to fuck me.That is why i always said no to your kind offer of a lift.I am a married woman but i still have feelings.And i knew if i let you drop me home i would not be able to resist asking you in'.

'What changed today then?'.

'Well it was raining for a start'.

'But you could have just got out and that would have been it'.

'I could have done.But when my husband phoned to say he had to work late,i thought,what the hell.I was feeling horny,and i knew my husband would not be up for it when he came in.I was pretty certain you would be though'.

At this she took my cock in her mouth again and gave me another fantastic blowjob.When i was nice and hard she stood up and bent over the kitchen table.Her arse was sticking in the air and was a wonderful sight.I grabbed her arse and thrust my cock deep into her pussy.I built up a steady rhythm as she shouted,

'Fuck me.Oh god fuck me'.

I pounded hard into her for a few more minutes before coming deep inside her again.After i had finished coming she took me by the hand and lead me upstairs to her bedroom.

'That wasn't bad for starters.But now i think it's time we really got to know each other'.

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2 years ago
Very nice. The spaghetti thing reminds me of a Disney movie w/ the dogs!
2 years ago
2 years ago
Very good mate,,keep pounding her