Milf Soccer Mum

I got involved in local football so that i could feel like i was giving something to the community.Whilst watching a game one day i got talking to one of the players mums,a fit looking 48 year old called Jane.During the course of the game she told me that she didn't use to come to the games as football was more her husbands thing.Her husband she said had originally just come to watch their son but had eventually got involved in the club.She said I soon found out how involved.

'He was doing something to do with the club nearly every night,which was okay till i found out the truth.One of the mums was a masseur in her day job so agreed to help out at the club.It turns out that it wasn't just the boys she was attending to.My husband,the bastard,was getting massaged by her as well'.

I obviously knew the woman involved and told Jane that her husband was silly to mess around when he had a hot looking wife at home.This put a smile on her face and i decided to try and make her feel even better.I said that i was bored watching the game and suggested we slip away some where.She said that sounded good as long as we were back by the end of the game.We walked to the clubhouse and i said i had an idea.

'How would you like to get back at your husband?'.

She asked me how and i took her by the hand.I led her into the clubhouse and went to the new phisio room.I grabbed her waist and taking the bull by the horn i kissed her passionately.Instead of pushing me away she grabbed me and kissed me passionately back again.Our hands explored each others bodies,mine caressing her firm boobs before going down to her tight ass,hers caressing my face,before undoing my shirt and running over my chest.She then moved her hands down to my cock and,unzipping my trousers,took my cock in her hand and began to slowly rub my foreskin.She then got down and taking my cock in her mouth began to hungrily suck me off.After 5 minutes or so of this she stood up and i lifted her on to the physio table.She removed her jeans and i knealt between her legs.I flicked my tongue over her clit till she pulled her her pussy lips open and i pushed my tongue deep into her pussy.I probed her pussy all over and must have eventually hit the right spot as she moaned loudly saying,

'Oh god thats good'.

After i had carried on tonguing her pussy then finger fucking her she began to buck wildly and shouted out,

'Oh god.Oh my god i'm coming'.

She screamed loudly as she began to shake.As she did this she started to comeand she began to squirt all over the physio table.After she had finished coming i told her that this was,

'The table that the physio uses'.

'What.The one belonging to the bitch who my husband was fucking'.

When i told her yes she said,

'Well you better get up here and join me.I'll show my husband that two can play that game.I want you to fuck me on this table.And i want pictorial evidence so i can show my husband'.

I climbed up on to the table and rubbing my cock against her clit i slowly teased her before she said,

'Stop teasing me.I need you to fuck me now.The game will soon be over and i need your cock inside me now'.

Igrabbed her legs and pushed hard thrusting my cock deep inside her.I began to build up a steady rhythm before i was furiously pounding away at her pussy.She was screaming and shouting loudly,

'Oh god.Oh god thats it.Fuck me.Fuck me hard'.

As i carried on fucking her hard she said,

'I wish i could film this .I would love to see my husbands face when i showed him footage of his wife being well and truly fucked by a younger man'.

I asked her if she had a phone that took photos and when she said yes she reached over and gave it to me.I put it on the video function and aimed it first at her face then at my cock.I did this for a few minutes before i had to put it down as i was close to coming.She asked me for the phone and began filming focusing on my cock.She said,

'Thats it.Fuck me hard.I want you to come inside me'.

I gave two more hard thrusts before i shouted out,

'Oh god i'm coming'.

I came for what seemed like ages as she said,

'Thats it.Fill my milf pussy with your young come'.

When i had finished coming i pulled out of her and we lay back on the phisio table.My come was oozing out of her pussy as she leant over me and kissed me before thanking me for a fantastic fuck.She went to her phone and we had a look at what we had captured.It showed her with a big grin on her face before it cut to my cock pounding her pussy.It then cut again before it showed my come oozing out of her pussy.When it had stopped she said that,

'The footage was perfect.I can't wait to show it to my husband'.

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