Fucking The Canteen Manager

They say the way to a mans heart is through his stomach.Well that and a good fuck is good for me.So getting off with the canteen manager would cover both bases.
The canteen manager at work is in her late thirties and probably quite a looker if she made an effort.She had a nice pair of big tits which was good enough for me.I saw her waiting by the bus stop one day and pulled over,asking her if she wanted a lift.She got in and we fell into conversation.After a while i remarked on how sociable she was.

'Normally your a miserable bitch.Certainly you are at work'.

'You cheeky bastard' she said.

'Sorry,but thats the impression you give over.I find you attractive but i always said i couldn't imagine fucking a miserable bitch like you.But the way you are now,i would definitely be keen to fuck you'.

'You are a cheeky bastard,aren't you.You call me a miserable bitch,then say you wouldn't mind fucking me.You think i would let you fuck me after all that'.

Before i could answer we arrived at her apartment.As she went to get out,she said,

'Are you going to just sit there or are you coming up'.

This took me aback and i said,

'I thought you didn't want to know'.

'Well i probably should just tell you to fuck off,but i haven't had a fuck in ages'.

She stared at me and said,

'Are you coming in for a fuck,or not'.

I got out and followed her in.She took me up to her apartment,opened the door and we stepped inside.Without a pause she grabbed me roughly and led me to her bedroom.She pulled my trousers down and off before pushing me onto the bed.She took off her own trousers,tore a hole in her panties and pushed down onto my cock.She began to ride me hard and fast and i felt that she was using me to satisfy her own needs.I guess i deserved to be treated like that after what i said.She suddenly said she was close to coming,and climbing off of me,she lay back on the bed,spread her legs wide and said,

'I am not a miserable bitch.I am a horny bitch.A horny bitch who hasn't had any cock in her cunt for ages.So i want you to fuck me,you cheeky bastard.Fuck my cunt with your cock.Fuck me hard and come in my cunt.I want you to fill my cunt up with your spunk'.

I grabbed her legs and placed one on each shoulder.This enabled me to penetrate her deep.I rammed my cock hard into her pussy and she started shouting the place down.

'Fuck me.Fuck my wet cunt.Come on you bastard.Fuck the shit out of me'.

This was a definite hard and fast fuck and i knew i wouldn't last long.Sure enough my cock was soon twitching and i began to come hard.

'Thats it.Come hard in my cunt.Fill my cunt up with your spunk'.

I was soon firing loads of spunk into her pussy before before pulling out and falling back on the bed.

'Your not bad for such a cheeky bastard.But you can fuck off now.My boyfriends coming to see me and i need to get ready'.

I realised i had probably been used but i didn't care.A good hard no nonsense fuck is good occasionally.
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