Kelly And Trudy-2 s****rs.

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And Kellys s****r.

Trudy had told me that she would have me round when her husband goes fishing.This happened on one of those saturdays.
She told me to come around after about nine as her husband would have left by then.She said she would leave the backdoor unlocked and to let myself in.
On the day in question i walked down her garden path and quickly sneaked in through the garden gate.When i got to the backdoor,i slipped in and found nobody there.I crept quietly around the house till i heard a shout that appeared to come from upstairs.As i crept upstairs i heard Trudy shout out

'I am in here'.

I followed her voice and found myself in her bedroom.What i saw made me gasp in surprise.Lying in her bed was Trudy with her s****r Kelly lying next to her.

'Hya loverboy'.

'Are you just going to stand there or come and join us?'.

I walked over to the bed and they told me to get between them.

'Wow i can't believe you are both here'.

'Well' said Trudy 'I said i would try and arrange it'.

'My husband has gone fishing with Trudys husband so today was a perfect opportunity.I just hope you can handle it'.

'I don't know if i can.I mean you are two horny milfs'.

Well we better get you stripped for action.As they did this i took in what they were wearing.Both of them had red baby doll outfits on with matching lacy underwear.Trudy being such a big girl,meant that her baby doll top was bursting at the seams,her big breasts struggling to be contained.They took off my trousers and my pants,releasing my already stiff cock.

'Looks like this young man is already for action,hey s*s'.

'Such a naughty young man as well.Getting aroused in front of two married women'.

At this they both burst out laughing,Saying,

'Two married women who are going to get well and truly shagged'.

Trudy took my stiff cock in her hands and began to slowly wank me before Kelly took my cock in her mouth and began to suck me off.As she did this Trudy began to lick my balls.The sight of two s****rs pleasuring me was an amazing experience and i was soon close to coming.I told them this and Kelly told her s****r to,

'Pull up your baby doll.Let me finish him off by wanking him and let him come all over your big tits.I am sure he will like that'.

Kelly took my cock in her hand and began wanking me hard till i shouted i was about to come.As i did i leant over Trudy and let fly covering her big tits with my lovely come.Trudy scooped up my come in her hands and licked it off with her tongue.Kelly then came over and licked my come covered cock.

'Right.Now its our turn'.

Both s****rs lay back on the bed and pushing their panties to one side began to finger their pussies.After a few minutes of this they said

'Come here loverboy.We want you to make us come now'.

I got down between Trudys legs and removing her wet panties began to lick at her clit with my tongue.Not wishing to leave Kelly out i slipped a finger into her wet pussy and began to finger her.I soon had both s****rs moaning with pleasure.


'Oh fuck'.

I then swapped over and began to lick Kellys clit whilst fingering Trudys pussy.I continued doing this for a while before Trudy shouted out

'Oh shit,I am fucking coming'.

I buried my head right between her legs and she wrapped them around me getting me in a headlock.As she did this she began to shake violently and came hard,washing my face in her pussy juices.I was still managing to finger Kellys pussy who was also by now close to coming.I moved over to bury my head between her legs but was too late.She started to buck wildly and was soon coming herself.Only this time she began to squirt.Her juices sprayed out of her pussy,hitting my face and giving me another soaking.This caused her s****r to gasp in shock and say

'I didn't know you did that when coming'.

'Neither did i.I have never done that before.Even my husband has never made me do that'.

When she had relaxed back she came over and kissed my wet face thanking me for giving her such a fantastic experience.
My cock was by now rock hard and i knealt in front of Trudy and Kelly and said

'I think its time i fucked you now.What do you say?'.

'Oh yes please'.

I eased my hard cock deep into Trudys Wet pussy and began to fuck her hard and fast before pulling out and easing my hard cock into Kellys wet pussy.This i proceeded to do for nearly an hour.alternating between the two s****rs and managing to hold back from coming.When i couldn't hold back any longer i said

'Who wants a pussy full of my young come first'.

Of course they both said they did,so i slid my cock into Trudys pussy and came hard before pulling out and putting it in Trudys pussy before firing the rest of my young come.We collapsed in a heap on the bed and both s****rs rested their heads on my chest.

'Wow that was fantastic' said Trudy.

'Sure was' said Kelly.

We are in for a good weekend i think.

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6 months ago
Oh how I wish this had been me.