My new neighbour 2

My new neighbour who was in her late fifties had introduced herself to me by squeezing my cock the first time she saw me,then inviting me to fuck her when i popped round for some milk.This set her out as a horny milf and i was soon to witness more evidence.
One day she was out in her garden reclining on her sun lounger.She had a skimpy top on which she had pulled down revealing her nice pert boobs and a pair of denim cut shorts.She was obviously feeling horny as she had pushed her shorts down to reveal her nicely trimmed pussy.She reached under her sunlounger and brought up a big black dildo.This she put between her legs and proceeded to work around her clit.Eventually she eased it into her pussy and began to bring herself off with it.She began to build a steady rhythm and was soon lost in the moment,moaning loudly as she did it.Just as she appeared to be reaching a climax i heard her backgate open.In to her garden walked a young black lad of about 18 years old carrying a package.When he turned the corner onto her patio he got a bit of a shock,being confronted by my neighbour bringing herself off.She was obviously far gone as she didn't look up when he walked up to her.She thrust the black dildo in harder and faster and began screaming out.

'Oh fuck.Oh fuck.Oh fuck'.

At this she began to arch her back and lifted herself off the sunlounger.Bucking wildly it was obvious she was about to come.As she came she pulled the black dildo from her pussy.As she did she screamed

'Fuck.Fuck.Oh fuck'.And her pussy began to open up.She began spraying her juices in a wide arc all over the patio.This seemed to last for ages before she collapsed back onto her sunlounger.
When she had finished the delivery boy(Who by now had a hardon)politely coughed and said

'Excuse me madam.I have a package for you'.

My neighbour looked up and said

'It looks like you do'.

Telling him to put the package down she sat up and pulling him towards her undid his trousers,revealing a cock that must have been at least 8 inches.

'Oh my.You are a big boy.I see you already have precum on it. Let me taste it'.

At this she took it in her hand and slowly began to take it in.She managed to get most of it in,which surprised me as it was so big,then began to suck hungrily on it,as if she hadn't had any cock for a long time.The delivery boy was obviously enjoying this and i could see that he was soon about to come.She obviously noticed this as she took his cock out of her mouth and lay back on the sunlounger saying

'Come here big boy and fuck me.I want you to fuck me with that big black cock of yours'.

He climbed onto the sunlounger and knealing before her teased her pussy with his big black cock.

'Stop teasing me you naughty boy.Give me that cock now.I want you to fuck me good and hard'.

At this he rammed all 8 inches into her pussy which made her scream out.I could see that her pussy was being stretched to its limits but she was definitely not bothered.In fact she took the whole 8 inches into her.This made her scream loudly.partly in pain but mostly in pleasure.He took his cock out before ramming it in even harder.He then spread her legs wide and began to pound her as if he was possessed.

'Was this what you wanted?.All 8 inches of my big black cock in your mature pussy'.

'Oh yes.I want every last inch of your black cock inside me.I feel like you are going to split me in two'.

'Don't worry.I am obviously not the first big cock you have had inside you as your mature pussy is taking me all in,right up to my big black spunk filled balls'.

Oh god yes.Fuck me hard then.Fuck me till you come'.

As he continued to pound her hard i by now had a stiff cock and was wanking myself.He pounded her for what seemed like ages before he shouted that he was going to come.

'Come on then.Come for me big boy.Come in me.I want you to fill my mature white pussy with your black spunk'.

He gave two more hard thrusts before letting go.After he had finished coming he pulled out of her pussy and it oozed loads of his spunk,soaking her sun lounger.As she fell back onto her sunlounger,he got dressed,picked up her parcel and managed to get enough sense out of her to get a signature then left.
After a few minutes she looked up in my direction and said

'Why don't you come down and join me.I know you were watching me fucking that young lad.I am sure you were enjoying it as well'.

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2 years ago
Always be prepared. One never knows when a perfect opportunity might crop up--or pass right on by. Sempre Fi.
2 years ago
Great fucking story
2 years ago
the neighborhood slut