My New Neighbour

As you know i was trying to buy a new property but was having no luck.The only good thing to come out of my search had been that the estate agent had become a regular fuck buddy.When i did eventually find a place i was hoping that she would help me christen my new place.As it was one of my new neighbours achieved that honour.I had only been in there a little while when my next door neighbour came round.She was in her late fifties,long blonde hair,with nice pert breasts and a tight,firm ass.She introduced herself and said

'I am your neighbour from next door.Hopefully we will get to know each other.I'll introduce my husband when he gets home at the weekend.He works away all week so i am on my own monday to friday.My door is always open'.

As she said this she squeezed my cock then walked away.Sod me i thought.I have only been here half a day and i have been hit on.
Later in the day i popped next door to see if she had any milk as i had forgotten to get any.I knocked on the door and it pushed open.I called out but got no answer.I decide to go in and see if she was alright.When i was walking around i heard noises from the back.As i got to what was a bedroom i looked in and saw my new neighbour playing with a huge dildo between her legs.She was thrusting it in and out,all the while moaning loudly.Now i knew why she had not heard me.I stood watching and she seemed to be oblivious to me.I began to feel my cock stiffening.I was just contemplating getting it out and playing with it when she looked up.

'Don't just stand there.Come in and join me'.

I stood by the bed and she unzipped me taking my by now stiff cock out.She started to play with it before taking it deep in her mouth.All the while she continued to play with her dildo in her pussy.I said to her

'Would you like me to do that?'.

And she gave it to me.I pushed it back into her wet pussy.Thrusting in and out and twisting it around inside her.This seemed to turn her on even more and she screamed

'Oh fuck thats good'.

Taking my cock back in her mouth.She sucked hard on my cock whilst cupping my balls in her hand and playing with them.This last action proved to much and i could feel my cock swelling up before letting fly.I fired my come deep in her throat till she pulled away.I had come so much that it dribbled out of her mouth and onto her breasts..She scooped some up and hungrily licked it from her fingers.She then took her dildo fom her pussy and threw it down on the floor saying

'I don't need that anymore.Now your here i can have the real thing'.

She pulled me onto the bed,wrapped her legs around me and pulled me into her.As my hard cock slid into her soaking wet pussy she gasped saying

'bl**dy hell you are a big boy.I think i am going to enjoy being fucked by you'.

She grabbed my arse as i began pounding my cock into her.

'Thats it boy.Fuck me.Fuck me hard.Oh god i needed this'.

I fucked her like this for ages before i lifted her off of the bed and lifted her onto my cock.I grabbed her tight arse as i lifted her up and down on my fully erect cock.As i did this she writhed around like a dervish,her long blonde hair flailing around my face.

'Thats why i like fucking younger men.They have the strength to fuck me in positions older men like my husband can't manage anymore'.

As she said this i began to feel my cock twitching and i pushed her down on my cock,ready to explode.This obviously pushed her over the edge as she screamed

'Oh fuck.Fuck i'm coming'.

She began to shake and as she came her juices began to pour from her pussy.This then pushed me over the edge and i came hard inside her pussy.I held onto her arse as i pumped my come deep inside her pussy.After i had finished pumping her full i could not hold her anymore and we collapsed in a sweaty heap onto the bed.
I couldn't believe what a welcome i had got from one of my new neighbours especially as i had only popped round to borrow some milk.
She asked if i would be having a housewarming party and i said

'That i probably would sometime.But if you wanted to come round and help me christen my new bed you would be welcome'.

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1 month ago
why is this listed in 'gay male;???
3 months ago
Great start to a new home
6 months ago
Good neighbours are worth their weight in spunk.
2 years ago
What else are "good" neighbors for, if not but to take the sex stess off one's horny body?

Bless those Horny Neighbors.
2 years ago
Great fucking story
2 years ago
2 years ago