60th Birthday Sex(Again)

I recently gave a woman what she described as her best ever birthday present,a good fucking.As she was married i assumed that she would have kept to herself but as i was to discover she had told one of her friends.I was out in town one night when i bumped into her and some friends celebrating a 60th birthday.She introduced me and one of them said

'Is this young man who fucked you on your 60th birthday?'.

She sort of mumbled yes,looking a bit embarrased that her friend had brought it up in public.

'You lucky bitch.Now i know why you were up all night'.

They asked me to join them and the friend whose birthday they were celebrating sat down next to me.As we were chatting i could feel her hand creeping towards my crotch.She slowly began to unzip my trousers and released my cock.She took it in her hand and began to wank it,doing it slowly so as to not draw attention to what she was doing.Her actions were such that i was having amazing sensations.I was soon coming which seemed to bring a smile to her face.As she brought her hands above the table i could see that they had my come on them.She put her fingers in her mouth and preceded to lick them suggestively.I managed to zip my trousers up and went to the cloakroom.When i came out her friend was waiting outside.She grabbed my arm and took me into a private booth.As i sat down she straddled my lap,causing her short skirt to rise up,exposing a very tiny thong.She took my head in her hands and kissed me hard.Then she said

'Did you enjoy that back there?'.

When i told her i had she said

'My friend told me how you fucked her on her 60th birthday.How would you like to fuck another 60 year old birthday girl?'.As she said this she arched backwards onto the table.She pulled her thong to one side exposing her shaven pussy.She slipped a couple of fingers into her pussy and said

'This is okay.But i would rather it was your big cock doing this.I bet you would like to do this'.

I undid my trousers and released my by now hard cock.I told her to straddle me again.As she did i eased my cock into her wet pussy.This caused her to gasp

'My friend was right.You are a big boy'.

We began to get into a rhythm as she rode up and down on my hard cock.Despite being in a public place this did not seem to contain her.

'Oh god fuck me.Fuck me big boy.Give this birthday girl what she needs'.

'What does this birthday girl need?'.

'She needs that big cock of yours to fuck me good.She needs you to fuck her hard and come inside her'.

As she rocked up and down on my cock i could feel her starting to orgasm and she was soon coming hard.

'Oh shit.Oh shit.Fuck i'm coming'.

She arched back as she did this and i could see her pussy juices dripping out of her pussy.This only served to turn me on even more and i pulled her down on me and fucked her ever harder.I was soon at the point of no return.I enclosed her tight around me as i shouted

'Oh fuck.Oh fuck i'm coming'.

I preceded to let my cock explode,Filling her pussy with hot come.

'Oh fuck.That is so fucking good'.She said as i pumped every last bit of come into her.As i finally subsided she leant over and kissed me saying

'Thanks for a brilliant birthday present.It wasn't quite how i might have wanted it.But fucking a fit young man in a public place has made sure i won't forget my 60th birthday in a hurry'.
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