The Estate Agent Showing Me More Than Just The Pro

I had been looking for a place to live for sometime but with no success.Every time i found somewhere that looked promising i would be disappointed when i actually went to look at it.So when i went yet again to view a two bedroom house i was already resigned to disappointment.While waiting in my car for the sales person to arrive a sporty car pulled up.Out of the car came a woman in her early forties.She had long blonde hair,a white blouse that appeared to be a size to small,as her breasts(which i was to discover were 40dd)were straining to get out,a longish skirt that was tight around her arse,and all this was topped off by black knee length boots.She looked absolutely stunning,so imagine my surprise when she knocked on my car door window.

'Are you Mr James?'.

'Yes'i said.

'Hi i'm Tracey.I have come to show you around the property'.

I couldn't believe my luck.Even if i didn't like the property at least i had a hot,sexy woman to show me around.She took me inside and walked me through each room,giving me plenty of information as she did.Unfortunately i wasn't fully listening as i was too busy looking at her.When we went upstairs she showed me one of the bedrooms.

'This is the master bedroom.They will be leaving the big bed if you want it'.

All i could think of was shagging her on the bed.

'It also has a shower room off of it.And quite a big shower as well'.

Big enough to fit two people in for a good wet sex session is what went through my head.After she had shown me around we finished the tour in the kitchen.It had one of those old style farmhouse tables.I could serve her her up on that table and give her a good tongueing.She asked me if i was interested in the property and i said
'i was but i would like to go away and think about it'.

She gave me her card and said

'Give me a call if you want anything'.

If i want anything.Well a chance to shag you would be good,i thought.The next few days,when i should have been deciding wether i wanted the property or not,was spent fantasising about Tracey.Eventually i gave her a call and said that i would like to have another look around.When she pulled up this time she was similiarly dressed as before except she had a business suit on and a tie.
My cock began to harden and i started to think about how i was going to get a chance to shag her.After exchanging pleasantries we went inside and i said i wanted to see the master bedroom again.When we were up there she asked me what i wanted to check out.I walked over to the bedroom window,looked out of it and said i wanted to know what the privacy was like.She was stood next to me by now and my gaze drifted to her arse.She caught me looking and said

'Do you like what you see?'.

I said 'It's not bad.But your tits are more impressive'.As i said this she turned around and took her huge tits in her hands saying

'These big puppies you mean'.

She turned back to the window and said

'I think what you want to know is can your neighbours see you when you are at the window.Shagging your girlfriend,probably'.

She told me to stand behind her and adopt the position i usually stand in.I stood right behind her,well as close as my stiffening cock would allow.

She said

'Surely you would do this'.

At this she put my hands around her waist.I pushed up against her and she loosened her skirt before guiding my hands down to her wet snatch.I slowly slipped a finger into her wet pussy and fingered her to the first of many orgasms.As i did this she unbuttoned her blouse exposing her huge tits.She took one of my hands and placed it on her tits.I tweaked her nipples and this caused her to moan loudly before coming again all over my fingers.I took the fingers out of her pussy and gave them to her so that she could lick her juices off of them.She then took my stiff cock and began to slowly wank me before knealing down and taking it all the way down her throat.She did this to me for a few minutes before getting me to

'Fuck my mouth.Fuck my mouth with your cock'.

I did this till i felt my cock beginning to twitch.She must have felt this too as she stood up and removed her jacket.She then said

'When you are about to come,pull out and let my tits have it.I want you to come all over my tits'.

She resumed sucking my cock and it wasn't long before i was ready to come.I pulled my cock out just as my cock exploded.I then shot my sticky come all over her tits.After i had finished coming my cock was still hard and she stood up,looking back out the window.She let her skirt drop and spread her legs saying

'Fuck me.Fuck my wet pussy with that cock'.

I took hold of her hips and thrust my cock deep into her soaking wet pussy.As i began to get a steady rhythm going i moved my hands up to her tits grabbing them roughly.

'That's it.Grab my tits.Grab my tits as you fuck me.Oh god that is good'.

I began to fuck her hard and fast as sweat began to soak our bodies.This was good but i wanted to see those big tits as i fucked her.I told her to turn around,lifted her up and impaled her on my hard cock.I lifted her up and down on my cock,her big tits rubbing and banging against my chest.This sight began to get me even more excited and i could feel my balls filling up ready to explode.I told her this and she said

'Fuck me deep then.I want your cock deep inside me when you come.I want to feel your come splashing against the walls of my pussy'.

I rammed my cock ever deeper in her pussy as i fucked her faster.Eventually i couldn't last any longer and i felt my balls explode.My cock fired loads of come deep in her pussy as she pushed down on me.

'Oh god.That is so fucking deep'.

She continued to ride up and down on my cock screaming

'Oh shit.That is a shitload of come i can feel you filling my pussy with'.

As i finished coming i carried her over to the bed and lay her down on it.I got between her legs and began to flick her clit with my tongue before lapping at her come covered pussy.This caused her to start shaking and she put her hands on my head pushing me deep into her pussy.

'Thats it.Lick me out.Lick my pussy.Lick my pussy out with your tongue'.

As i did this her pussy quivered and she started to orgasm.As she began her orgasm her pussy started to ejaculate and she was soon coming all over my face.When she had finished coming we collapsed in an exhausted,soaked heap.As we lay back she turned to me and said

'So Mr James.Are you interested in the property?'.

I was but i was even more interested in her so i said

'No.Maybe you could show me around a few more properties'.

I figured i could maybe get another chance to fuck her.But this would not happen once i had brought a place.So my search went on.
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The last word should have been property.They cut the heading short.