Fucking The Office Assistant

I was at my place of work trying to find my packup in the fridge.Unfortunately when i had put it in the fridge it was practically empty,but now it was full.Susan the office assistant asked what i was doing.When i told her she said'If you cant find your packup just have a look and see if there is anything else you fancy'.I told her that she wasn't in the fridge and she told me i was a saucy devil,yet at the same time squeezing my cock.She went back to her office and i carried on looking for my packup.I eventually gave up and walked to the office .She said 'i wondered how long before you would come in here'.She got out of her office chair,walked over to the door,locked it and put up the do not disturb sign.She walked to the desk,bent over it,hoisted her skirt up to reveal her shapely ass and said 'Is this what you were looking for'.I took off my trousers,letting my by now very stiff cock loose,walked up to her,Grabbed both her butt cheeks,parted her pussy lips and thrust my cock deep inside her very wet pussy.
'Fuck me thats bl**dy big'she said as i eased my cock back out.
'Are you a prick tease?'
'No i just like the feeling i get when i push my cock into a tight pussy,and that is one tight pussy'.
As i thrust in and out of her pussy she began to buck against me.
'Fuck me.Fuck me hard.'
She continued to urge me to fuck her hard even though there were people not far away.When her language became even stronger i told her i liked a woman who talked dirty so she said 'Fuck my cunt.Fuck me deep in my cunt.Dont stop until you come.I want to feel your young spunk splashing against the back walls of my mature cunt'.
I put one leg up on her desk which caused my cock to go even deeper into her pussy.
'Oh fuck.Fucking hell.God i want you to come'
I told her to encourage me,not that she needed to be asked.
'Fuck me hard.Fuck my cunt hard.Oh god.Fuck me'.
At this my cock began to twitch and my balls felt ready to burst.I told her i was about to come and she bucked hard onto my cock.She bucked so hard i felt my cock touch the back walls of her pussy.My cock exploded and my felt my spunk flooding her pussy.after i had finished coming i could feel her start to shake.She had the first of a multiple orgasm and she said she was about to come.I pulled out of her soaking wet pussy and placed my mouth under her.I fingered her pussy to bring her to completion and she began to come.Her pussy juices flowed like a river,gushing into my mouth.When she had finished coming and i had had my fill of pussy juices i told her to turn around and lifted her onto her desk.I buried my head between her legs and began to lick her pussy clean.She asked me what i was doing and i said 'I am cleaning your pussy up.You cant go home to your husband with a pussy soaked in your juices and my spunk'.I carried on licking her but all it did was cause her to come again and soak her pussy once more.My cock by now was stiff again and i was about to lift her up onto my cock again when there was a knock on the office door.We quickly got dressed and as i unlocked the office door and walked out i said 'Thankyou'.Little did the person coming in know what i was thanking her for.

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6 months ago
Hot hot hot.
2 years ago
Great story
2 years ago
That was hot.... I had so mant bosses that I would love to throw dick to..
2 years ago
2 years ago