My First Black Pussy

Where i work we get a lot of people passing through,especially trainee managers..As i am a sociable person i usually speak to them and make them feel welcome.One such was a black girl called Maria.One of her first shifts was the late shift.I said to her earlier in the evening that when we finished i would take her for a drink.Unfortunately we finished later than expected and missed last orders.She said not to worry iam sure i have some drinks back at my flat and we can order a takeaway if you like.That sounded good to me so off we went to her place.When we got there she found the drinks then had a look at the takeaway menu.I said i would pay but she said no she would to thank me.'Thank me for what' said i.'For being nice to me and making me feel welcome'.At that she lent over and kissed me and said'When you are away from home it can be lonely when you don't know anybody.I have been here a while now and i am missing my boyfriend'.
She ordered the takeaway and said it would be 30 minutes.'let me show you around'.There wasn't much to see and we ended in the bedroom.Lying on her bed was a white dildo.'I said you really are missing your boyfriend'.'i are okay but a real cock is better,and i havent had a real cock in over a month.'
We sat down on the bed talking about her boyfriend who i assumed was black.When she said he was not i looked surprised.'Surely white men don't satisfy you'
'Despite the rumours size isnt everything.And just as white girls fantasize about black men,some of us black girls fantasize about white men'.
'Well he is a lucky man getting to fuck you'.
'He is.It is just a shame he is not here right now.I am so in need of a good fucking'.At this she leant over and squeezed my stiffening cock.She unzipped my trousers and took my cock deep in her mouth.She proceeded to suck my cock but just as i was about to come the doorbell rang.
'That will be the takewaway'.She gave me the money and sent me down to pay for it.When he had gone she called for me to come back upstairs.I was expecting her to want to eat the takeaway but when i got to the bedroom she was lying there with her legs wide open thrusting the dildo in and out of her pussy.
'Now your back i dont need that anymore.Come here and fuck me'
As i eased my cock into her very wet pussy i realised i had never had a black pussy before.The sensation of watching my white dick slide in and out of her black hole turned me on immensely.She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me in deeper.We got into a rhythm that got steadily faster as i pounded into her and she bucked against me.
She screamed at me to 'fuck me hard,bury that cock deep inside me'
I eventually got in so deep my balls started to dissappear.This pushed me over the edge and i told her i was coming.I tried to pull out but she came herself wrapping her legs even tighter around me as she did.At that i could hold back no more.My cock exploded and i shot my load deep inside her.We both collapsed in a sweaty heap and just lay there for few minutes.When i finally pulled out of her i could see my spunk oozing out of her black pussy.The way it glistened on her pussy was a sight i never forgot.
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6 months ago
Lucky bastard, haven't had any black pussy in a long time.
2 years ago
Great story.
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
Mostly.A few names and details have been slightly changed.
2 years ago
real or not?