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[Story] Cum Loving Milf Slut- Part 1.

I had been fucking this married milf for a some time but we hadn't met up for a while.On this day i had arranged to go round to her place.When she answered the door i was greeted by an amazing sight.She was wearing a white grandad shirt which just about covered her ass.Around her waist she was wearing a large black belt.This was finished off with some black strapless high-heeled shoes that had straps which reached all the way up to her knees.This turned me on immediately ans as i walked in through the door she grabbed my crotch and said,

"I see your ready for me as always".

"What do you... Continue»
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[Story] Milf Office Fuck Slut

I had to get some new uniform recently.This involves going to see one of the office staff.The woman responsible is a woman in her fifties who has a bit of a reputation.She took me to her little uniform cupboard and began to ask me for my sizes.I didn't have a clue so she said she would look at my shirt collar first.As my shirt was tight i had to virtually remove it so that she could see the size.This exposed my chest which seemed to be exciting her.I was also beginning to get turned on and my cock was beginning to stiffen.After she had got the size of my shirt she said she needed to take the s... Continue»
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[Story] 2 Mature Milf Bosses,1 Hot Fucking Session

One of the bosses was a regular fuck of mine.I had gone to her place of work as usual and having seen me she had told her staff they could go home early and she would shut up the shop.She took told me to go to her office and she would be in shortly.I was feeling horny though so i grabbed her and led her straight to her office.She started to protest that she,

"...Hadn't finished shutting up"

but i grabbed her and lifted her onto her desk.I pushed her skirt up around her waist and grabbing her panties ripped them causing her to say,

"My you are in a hurry mate",

before i unzipped my... Continue»
Posted by toyboy2 3 months ago

[Story] Mature Blonde Boss Fucking Session

I worked in a place that regularly had fancy dress days.There was a female boss who worked there who always liked to dress up.Unfortunately she always seemed to dress up in a silly costume,which was a shame as despite being in her fifties she had a stunning figure and i always wished she would show it off.One time though she finally did.She was wearing a police-woman's uniform,albeit slightly modified.She had the white shirt on with the police-woman's neck tie and a police hat on.She coupled this though with a very short black skirt that was tight around her butt and showed off her legs.These ... Continue»
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[Story] Shagging My Partners Milf Boss 3

I had decided to pay her a surprise visit at her place of work.I let myself in through the backdoor.They had had some trouble recently and had installed a keypad('Even my husband doesn't know the password',she said when i first used it).I walked to her office and saw her leaning over her desk.She wasn't dressed in her usual managerial outfit instead she was sporting a tight white t-shirt with a short black skirt and for some reason no shoes.I crept up behind her and grabbed her arse.She turned round and said,

"Oh its you.You cheeky beggar".

She said she was just finishing up and then wa... Continue»
Posted by toyboy2 4 months ago

[Story] Shagging My Partners Milf Boss 2

We arranged to meet up one day and she told her husband that she was going on a Managers away-day so she would be back late.This meant she turned up in a full management ensemble.She had a very tight fitting white blouse on,a skirt which was not as short as usual but still showed off her legs,and a blue suit.This was finished off with a pair of black high-heeled shoes.I told her she looked hot and she said,thanks.I had to dress the part for my managers away-day but i still wanted to look good for you.
We met early and headed for an out of the way park where we could enjoy the day.She had made... Continue»
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[Story] 2 Cock Loving Mature Grannies

I had met my best friends granny at a partiy at his house.(See 'My Best Frienda Granny').Having enjoyed some fantastic sex we arranged to meet up again.She asked me to come round one saturday and told me to let myself in through the garden door.As i went in i heard her call out for me to come upstairs.When i got upstairs i found her lying in bed.I also got a surprise,as in bed with her was another woman.This turned out to be one of her friends.She was also in her sixties and as i was to discover looked younger.She had large breasts that were stil firm and had a nice firm ass as well.We were in... Continue»
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[Story] Hot Milf And Her Teenage Daughter

I met this girl at my workplace once and we immediately got on.She was only 17 which is normally to young for me but she had enourmous tits which were out of proporton to the rest of her tiny body.She also had a nice tight ass.At the end of the first day she asked me back to her house making pretty obvious that sex was on offer.As i said she was not my usual taste but an eager young pussy should never be turned down.Once we got back to her house she took me upstairs and she led to a bedroom with a big double bed which was obviously her parents bedroom.She must have noticed my concern as she sa... Continue»
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[Story] Tall Blonde Mature Milf Fucking Session 2

I am not one for going to office parties but i occasionally make an exception.One such occasion was when i was talking to a woman at work.She said she was going to the latest party and i asked her if she was taking her husband.She said she was not as you had to pay more for anbody who wasn't an employee.As i had fancied her for a long time i offered to accompany her.On the night,i picked her up and was immediately turned on.She had a tight black dress on which emphasised her curves and flaunted her heavy cleavage,which was even more on show because she had chosen to wear no bra.She had black b... Continue»
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[Story] Shagging My Partners Milf Boss

We hadn't fucked for a few weeks so i messaged her and she said we could meet up before she started work.She let me in through the backdoor to her shop and i was immediately turned on as she was wearing the full business womans outfit.Long sleeved white shirt,Suit,Skirt(Which was much longer than what she normally wore)and high-heeled shoes.I wanted to fuck her there and then,fortunately she obviously felt the same.She dragged me in to the back alley-way and pushing me against the wall grabbed my dick.

"Your ready for it as usual.Be careful though as i have a very important meeting later so... Continue»
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[Story] Fucking A Blonde Milf BBW

I regularly visit a second-hand shop and one of the women in there always catches my eye.She is in her early fifties,has blonde hair,a nice firm butt and massive tits.One day i went in there close to closing time and she really caught my attention as she had a long flowing skirt on that was showing the curves of her butt off and she had a white blouse on that was bursting at the buttons.She was definitely not happy with her figure and not afraid to flaunt it.My cock immediately began to harden which i didn't mind as i hoped she would notice my bulge and want to sample it.When she said is there... Continue»
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[Story] Tall Blonde Mature Milf Fucking Session

I worked with a 6ft tall blonde milf in her early fifties.She had an amazing body with a fantastic tight ass.She was way out of my league though so i never thought i would get a chance with her.One day i was walking through the back area and i saw her bending over a workbench.Her trousers emphasised her ass and my cock immediately sprang to attention.This made me decide to take a chance.I walked up to her and put my hands on her hips before grinding my stiff cock into her ass.I fully expected her to turn around and slap me but instead she just reached her hand round and squeezed my cock.

"M... Continue»
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[Story] Shagging My Partners Boss-6

I had given her a lift to the garage to pick up her car.Her conversation(Dirty,hot,sex story actually) had made me horny.After she had paid her bill she said to follow me.The journey led us to a car park.Once there she told me to jump into her car.We eventually ended up in a far-flung corner of an industrial estate.It was obvious she had been here before as it was well hidden.
She leant over and released my by known very hard cock that had been straining to get out.Taking it in her hand she proceeded to wank my cock slowly.This just turned me on even more and i told her i was close to coming.... Continue»
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[Story] Shagging My Partners Boss 5

She had put her car in the garage for some repairs and i had volunteered to take her to pick it up.We were just generally chatting on the way with her doing her usual sexual flirtation(Well she was rubbing my crotch."Just to get you ready" she said).She didn't need to do this though as what she told me as we drove along made me hard.Apparently i wasn't the only young man she was shagging.

"Well i can't fuck you regularly obviously and my mature pussy needs a regular fucking from a young dick".

She said that she visited a gym on a regular basis and she got to know one of the young instruc... Continue»
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[Story] My New Neighbour 6(Her Biker Milf Friend)

I was lying in my neighbours bed having had our usual hot session,my young spunk oozing out of her mature pussy whilst my cock was still semi hard despite having fucked her twice.She said,

"Did you enjoy the party we had the other night?".

I said i had but she said,

"Oh.I wasn't sure if you had.You seemed to be on your own most of the night.Did you not get lucky or did nobody take your fancy?".

Actually there was a woman there who looked really hot,had long reddish-purple hair,i think she was a biker.I wouldn't have minded getting off with her but when i saw her husband i decide he... Continue»
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[Story] Dream Sex With Hot 60 Year Old Milf.

I once had a dream when i was younger where i was in bed with an older woman where i worked.Unfortunately just as it was possibly going to get interesting i woke up.That day i was sitting minding my own business when the woman in my dream came and sat beside me.I couldn't help but smile and had to try and stifle it.She asked what was funny.I told her nothing but she wouldn't believe me.Eventually she f***ed me to tell her.

"I had a dream last night and you were in that dream".

"Oh yes",She said."What was i doing in your dream?".

I wasn't going to tell her but she f***ed it out of me.
... Continue»
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[Story] Asian Milf Pussy

An asian woman at work made it obvious that she wanted me.I resisted at first but the chance to sample some asian pussy for the first time meant that i found myself going back to her place .When we got there she took my hand and led me straight to her bedroom.She pulled up the little black dress she had on and laying down on the bed she spread her legs.She pulled her panties to one side revealing a neatly trimmed pussy.

"What do you think then darling?".

What did i think?.

"That is one hot looking pussy".

She must have read my mind because she then said,

"Why don't you get down ... Continue»
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[Story] Suzy-A Hot Milf Fuck 2.

Having already fucked Suzy once i was keen to fuck her again.I got the chance when i saw her in a club in town.She was dressed in a tight top and a very small skirt.She came up to me and said in a very slurred voice,

"I fancy a dance with a fit youmg man".

At this she dragged me onto the club floor.She was soon running her hands all over me and eventually moved down to my crotch.She felt my cock and said,

"Whose a big boy".

She then took my hand and lifting her skirt up,slipped my hand into her skimpy panties and said,

"Whilst i play with your cock why don't you play with my pus... Continue»
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[Story] My New Neighbour 5(Backseat Car Fuck-Part 1)

My neighbours husband works away all week so when she was going to pick up her new car i agreed to go with her.As we were driving along she pulled off into a layby.I said,

"Is this where we were meeting the bloke who was selling the car".

She said that it wasn't but,

"I have had some fun times in this car of mine(For fun times read hot fucking sessions)and i fancied one more before it goes.At this she leaned over and undid my trousers.She took my cock in her hands and began to wank it before taking it in her mouth.After a few minutes of sucking hard on my cock she had made it stiff.S... Continue»
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[Story] Shagging My Partners Boss 4 (The Black Dildo Sessi

She had been off ill for sometime so i decide to pay her a visit and see how she was.The door was answered,surprisingly,by her husband.He said she was upstairs,before saying he had to go to work.When i went upstairs i found her lying on the bed.She was wearing a see through white blouse with a skimpy pair of knickers on underneath.She seemed surprised to see me,which probably explained the big black dildo lying on the bedside table next to her.Having asked how she was,she said,

"I am beginning to feel much better,especially now you have come round".

She pulled me down on to the bed and s... Continue»
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