The Tyrannosaurus R(ex) (Va)gina; our big bag of c

The Tyrannosaurus R(ex) (Va)gina; our big bag of collective Canadian Rights.

1. 1. What is RECTUM? definition of RECTUM (Black's Law Dictionary)
Definition of RECTUM: Lat Right; also a trial or accusation. Bract; Cowell.

The etymology of words provides for hilarious interpretations of the truth. Lawyers are wordsmiths and one of the little con games they play on their hapless victims is to change the meaning of legal terms to twist the meaning of the intent of all their Acts (plays). For this reason I always defer to terms specifically from Black’s Law Dictionary, 6th Edition. This is the edition that was in vogue when I first started writing about the crimes committed against Canada by the British Crown of Israel and their Jewish Monarchs.

For instance do you know what the word RECTUM means? Yer probably laughing and saying yeah, I saw mine once when I was a k** playing with a mirror… big brown pucker hole right? LOL. Well, no. Legally speaking, your Rectum is your Right. I am not sure how you refer to that in plural in Latin; just plain Rectum as in ‘one moose, two moose’, or Rectums as in ‘one bird, two birds’, or Recti as in ‘one hippopotamus, two hippopotami’. But for the sake of discussion; let us proceed referring to our plural rights as our RECTUMS.

Now according to the British Crown of Israel and their Jewish Monarchs… (a British monarch is the Titular Head of the Anglican Church. In fact all Queens and Kings are the titular leaders of their respective religions; One big pack of Tit Heads. All Kings and Queens of the human species are simply human cons.) … all of our Rectums (rights) are vested in the Monarch, forming one great big huge Rectum called a REX. From this term REX, come other terms such as Regent, Regina and all that other hooby-dooby-ism.

Now in examining these words I have to wonder about the word; REGINA. Since this refers to a FEMALE REX, logic seems to dictate that this is made of the two terms REX and VAGINA. Regina = Rex + Vagina = R(ex) (Va)gina. So now our collective RECTUMS have been stuffed into one big bag called a REGINA. Our Rectums are supposedly stuffed into this big bag of Collective Canadian Rights to protect them.

Of course a cynic may quip at this juncture that it appears our Canadian rights have been pounded up our asses by the big Rex Vagina. The story is the great British Regina is roaming the Earth to promote peace and harmony. The giant sucking Regina from Britain is just looking for Love and that is why it claims your Rectums are her big Rex so that she can rule you by divine right. This big REX in Canada is called the CROWN. So here we have this Rectum Crown sitting on a foreign Tit-Head. Tit-Head?

According to the Secretariat of the Commonwealth of Nations, this Regina is the Titular Head of the Crown only and possesses NO EXECUTIVE AUTHORITY IN OUR FREE COUNTRY. This rather begs the question as to why this foreign Tit Head has a standing army of Yellow Striped Rectums running around violating everyone else’s Rectums at gun point while waving their mis-begotten Rectums in our faces.

The Crown has a book called a Bible that they wrote and own the copyright to that says their God gave all of us to the Crown as chattel property. Now that’s compelling evidence isn’t it? My book I wrote says my god gave everything of yours to me. It is for this reason that the Crown wants to have everything you own and even your c***dren and it is obvious by the machinations of the Crown that they don’t want you to have anything but debts. This is called debt peonage slavery and is a crime against humanity, which is the raison d’etre for all of this deception in the first place. In fact the only thing the Crown wants you to have at all is THEIR BIBLE that they claim is the inspired word of their god. So why do you think they want you to have nothing but THEIR BIBLE? They claim it is the gossip-ful truth. PHHHT. Twits.

The problems with language in communication should be obvious by now. We all think rectum means asshole. And in that context I think REX is just a term for one big asshole. So the truth seems to lie somewhere between a vagina and an asshole. We used to refer to that as a “Tisn’t”. This seems a more appropriate way to refer to the misbegotten lawyer’s crown of the Anglican church. Their Regina is a Tit-head and their Queen? Tisn’t ours.

So why is this Tit-head violating our Rectums and ‘Penalizing’ us in these misbegotten courts that are pretending to be courts of Justice? Penalizing? Hmm? What is the ROOT of that word? Seems the Root is a Penis. Ah, I get it; a vagina with a penis… kinda like a royal transvestite. Now what is that staff of authority in the Queen’s hand that she grips so fondly? Is that dildo a symbolic Penis for the Rex Vagina? When you go into court where Justice is blindfolded and just playing pin the tail on the donkey and watch the judges homosexually stuffing their staffs of authority into our collective rectums it rather brings this whole orgy of deceit into a proper focus. Look at the great number of Judge Ramsay’s in these courts and government specializing in violating u******e rectums.

And now I look at this foreign Rex Vagina and her representative Rectum in Canada (called a Prime Minister) and am beginning to realize why both of them have now been convicted for crimes against c***dren in International Common Law Courts. Over fifty thousand native c***dren have had their rectums violated and been slaughtered by this foreign Tit-headed Crown. Go to to see their arrest warrants. These people are formally convicted criminals on the world stage and continue to run a violent con game in our country. Confederation – ‘a conspiracy to commit a crime’. BL 6Ed.

Did you know the definition of confederation is a conspiracy to commit a crime? It should come as no surprise to anyone that officers of the British Empire around the world are now being convicted and exposed for their disgusting behaviour. It is clear that they never possessed any authority in our country other than adverse possession at the point of a gun. But a gun is the original point and click interface… easy to use. It is unfortunately a very easy game that two can play. And that is what worries me most about this foreign Crown violating our right to freedom of speech. If we can’t even talk about the crimes these people commit, how long is it going to be before Canadians start treating these yellow striped rectums in the same manner as they treated Ian Bush in their jail cell?

The hubris of this foreign Crown is incredible. They believe Canadians are totally bereft of common sense and don’t understand the balance of probabilities. The RCMP actually think Canadians fell for their bullshit that they washed the bl**d from the slain c***d Mindy Tran’s clothes because the bl**d on the clothes looked so terrible. Phhht. Is there anyone that does not believe Mindy was slaughtered by RCMP p*******es who then destroyed the evidence to cover it up? That seems to fit right in with 50,000 Canadian Original c***dren slaughtered mercilessly after being torn from the arms of their devastated and grieving parents and Stephen Harper’s tireless efforts to cover up the mess left by his great sucking convicted p*******e REX VAGINA from Britain.

The British Crown of Israel and their Jewish Monarchs have been the world’s largest d**g dealers for centuries. Opium wars anyone? The Peking-Vancouver-London Opium connection is a trillion dollar a year business. (Read Dope,Inc. by Larouche Publications.) The biggest business in British Columbia is Marijuana; a 25 billion dollar a year industry. Now you know why Canada is involved in an i*****l and undeclared war to control the Queen’s dope in Afghanistan. Read the Canadian Criminal Code to see the Canadian Armed f***es as ‘her majesties f***es raised by Canada.’ Yep, our c***dren are nothing more than her cannon fodder. And now you know why so many generations of our c***dren have spilled their bl**d on the altar of Crown deceit fighting for our Freedoms and our RIGHTS and yet we are so entirely enslaved by crown frauds. How does murdering Afghanis buy Canadians their freedoms? And if we are so free why are the Crowns Nazi Rectums arbitrarily detaining us on our highways and spying on us?

Go ahead and get yourself a collection of Black’s Law Dictionaries if you want to study the evolution of language in our legal system and the way it has been to used to manipulate us with these de facto unlawful government and courts. The third edition has some interesting terms such as ‘Canadian Jumper’ and “farmer’. Farmer? Yep. Back then a FARMER was a TAX COLLECTOR. Kind of brings it all into focus doesn’t it? Don’t take my word for all of this, go read it all for yourself.

And while you are at it, look up the definition of ‘Canadian’ in the Lexicon of Common Sense. A Canadian is a Retard? Apparently. We fall for the idiotic shit from the big REX.

(David Icke says they are lizards. All heil the Lizzies; the Tyrannosaurus Rex Vagina.)

Jimi Townsend

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11 months ago
Its not porn but it is amusing. And it rings as true, Im not all that familiar with Canadian or British law. The semantics/language evolution parts seem right but its been awhile since Ive read or even thought about that stuff.
All in all fun and certainly more entertaining than most of the drivel I read here.