Dirty Magic Chapter 1: Acceptance

"*GASP* I've gotta get b*o!" shreiked Rendo. She and her b*****r Kun were just accepted to magic school."Kun, Kun, get up, get ready, we were accepted!" shocked, he exlaims "Omigod, we got in?!?!?!"
"Yup, so let's pack our bags and get going!"
"Perfect! I love to get going!"
So our heroes embark on a one week trip to maagic school."I'm nervous b*o, what if people make fun of our rookie-ness?"blurts out Rendo on the last night of the trip. In order to assure his s****r, Kun tells her,"Please, if you could get made fun of for rookieness, everyone would be made fun of."
"Th-thanks," she said still sounding insecure. Her insecurities began to fizzle her self control. You see when Rendo feels insecure, she masturbates to start feeling better. All of a sudden Rendo grabs Kun's crotch. Kun shakingly replies,"Wha-wha-what are you doing?" As if Rendo did this kind of thing all the time, she pulled Kun's pants down to his ankles exposing his semi-erect penis. "N-no! S-s-s*s! What the heck?!?!" Seeming a bit, displeased, Rendo grabbed Kun' s dick, and started to stroke. When Kun's penis was fully erect, Rendo took off her shirt an placed her firm, round tits on Kun's dick."Uuuughh..."was all that could get out of his mouth before Rendo started to grind his dick with her tits. Kun quickly gave in and came all over Rendo's face and tits."Heh, I expected more fom you, b*o." Was all she said before climbing on top of Kun and putting his dick into her pussy."N-no, I'm not ready, it's my first time!" Pleasedly, Rendo replies,"A virgin? Lucky me."
"But we're siblings!"
"I don't fuckin' care."
Rendo pushed her b*****r's 9" dick deep into her pussy. She slowly moved her broad hips left and right to get the proper feel of her b*****r's dick. She then slowly started to slide the dick in and out to maximize her pleasure. afteer a few minuites it just wasn't enough.
She started to stroke the dick as it went in and out.she and her b*****r collapsed as they both orgasmed.
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2 years ago
Rendo needs to get him broken in by licking her. I'm just sayin....