Encounter in the subway

This story takes place in Paris last april, when the weather was unusually hot.
I don't know if you noticed, but in such situations (I mean when the first warm days come up), many people exchange smiles, look and even light touches. And I am not talking only about men :) And it is even more obviously in the subway due to proximity...

I was going to work and while waiting for the next metro, me eyes crosses a girl's one. She's cute, black and about 30. She wears a nice blue dress, quite short but not a mini. I don't know why, but I got the feeling she's really horny (I'm telling myself at that point that I might be dreaming this all!). Her eyes are really telling me she wants something to happen. We are standing 5 m from each other. When the metro arrives, she gets closer so as to enter the same door as me: I understand I am not getting crazy! She passes in front of me and we sit next to each other (many people are in the wagon, but it is not crowded as it can be in Paris). To be sure were are in the same state of mind, I push my leg against hers... and she responds by moving it!

We spend a little time rubbing legs avoiding to look at each other. Quickly, but that's not enough for us. Two ladies are sitting in front of us; so as not to make my partner uneasy, I cover our two legs with my bag and start to touch her leg with my hand. Immediate response, as she lightly spreads her legs so I can go deeper between them. So I go deeper :) She stops me before I touch her pussy, but smiles at me. One of the lady in front of us moves one seat away: I think we were not as still as we thought to be!

The time when she has to get off the metro finally comes. I notice she forgets her bag (she told me it never happened before! she was quite dazzled) so I get the perfect opportunity to followher. I must say I don't what I would have done otherwise, since I've never faced such a situation before! I give her the bag back and ask her if she wants to take a coffee...

(more to come later! I'm going to have diner with friends. See ya!)
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4 years ago
Nice story. Sounds like you had a fun ride. I was in Paris in August, years ago :)