About sexual fidelity

Whenever you meet a girl looking for a boyfriend they will almost always tell you:
“I demand fidelity from my partner. It’s on the top of my priority list”

OK, fine with me.

The problem is that most of the women demanding sexual fidelity are not giving their men the counterpart. As soon as the relation start to get old, they start to hold back on the only thing that guarantee that fidelity: Sex

What man would cheat on a woman who:
Blows his man on a regular basis.
Plays with his cum and drink it once in a while.
Accepts anal sex and actually do it.
Is open to share and live fantasies. Is open minded and willing to experiment.
Enjoys sex for what it is, no more, no less.
Understand that porn is no menace to a relationship and enjoys it herself.

For me, a woman who would give me this could count on my eternal fidelity because I would be satisfied. I could turn down any young babe with a tight body just by thinking “hey, you can’t match my wife”. Therefore, I would gladly submit myself to all those little things that women loves (sexually or not) because I would know that I will have my shot at fulfillment anytime soon.

So ladies, think about it: You want fidelity, you can have it, but are you ready to do what it takes?

And as for you gentlemen, do not accept sexual frustrations as a result of your girlfriend demands of fidelity. Make her understand that your commitment depends on your satisfaction and show her that sex is the best way to get your undivided attention. Make her understand that sex is something you need on a regular basis. Make her understand that sex include a wide range of practices. Make her understand that if she don’t like sex as you do, she have no right to make you live in everlasting non satisfaction.

Only this way will everybody be satisfied

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2 years ago
Well said!
3 years ago
Fuck yeah, man, I agree. I probably wouldn't even spend much if any time on xhamster if my wife would get it on with me 100% as often and just how I like it ALL THE FUCKIN' TIME. I can't complain too much though, I get some good action. But still, if all women gave their men 100% as often as they wanted it, then porn sites would have a lot less surfers on them 'cause we would probably be gettin' some good fuckin' instead of wankin' to fine and raunchy pornos!
3 years ago
I totally agree
3 years ago
Right on