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Part One: The First Hello

So as the weeks went on I noticed more and more about my secret friend. I found out that his name is Isaac. I instantly fell in love with the name. I kept repeating the five letter word over and over in my head. I also found out that he was in a math class with the same professor.

I kept looking behind me at the clock which seemed to never move. My morning class lately seemed like it never ended. Probably because I knew that after words I would be able to get help on my math and see my secret friend.

"Oky class if anyone needs help I will be upstairs!" my professor finally announced.

I packed my things and raced upstairs as quickly as I could without anyone noticing. When I got up there however no one was there. My heart instantly sank so low that my stomach felt like a bottomless pit. Soon after I had arrived my professor arrived and I decided that I might as well get my homework done since I was already up there. After a couple of hours I was on my last problem when "he" approaches the table. He smiled and said
"Hello Jake"
I froze at the sound of my name.
I managed a smile and said a weak hello. I thought to myself how did he know my name? In the end I figured out that my professor had called me by my name several times when I was doing my homework. Realizing this my emotions were kind of down because I was hoping that he found out by other means.

Later that night I remember the moment. How he said my name so graceful and smooth. His voice so calm and gentle. At that thought I knew that we were going to be great friends if not more...

Picture of Isaac
(Not exact just a visual)

Posted by totalrandom 2 years ago
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