Wet n Wild part 1

I see him standing across the room, broad shoulders under a dark t-shirt. His dark chocolate skin is smooth and I am immediately drawn to him. Wearing my Naughtiest smile, I cross the crowded room and introduce myself simply as the woman who plans to rock his world. His chuckle sends a tingle down my thighs and suddenly feel his big hands cupping my ass, pulling me to him.

My skirt is lifted showing my porcelain cheeks and hot pink lace thong. The quickening of my heart in my full breasts flushes my skin and my pink nipples are rock hard, pressing through my thin blouse.

"Take me home" I say as I press my lips to his, seeking his tongue with mine. His hand moves from my ass to the back of my head and I feel him grasp my long dark auburn hair, pulling it back as he kisses me more f***efully.

Walking up the stairs to my apartment I am unbuttoning his pants, massaging,
rubbing his throbbing black cock. Front door opens, I begin to disrobe, ready for all he has to give me. Ready for all him.

He pushes me backwards on the bed. Mmmm, I love to be pushed around a bit. I can feel my juices flowing. My knees are pushed back, legs spread apart, oh God his tongue has found my clit. Nibbling, sucking, nibbling more. I grind my hips into his face and the moans escape me. Licking from my ass to my clit and back again, sucking on my lips, my pleasure is growing and my clit is swelling.
I need his cock in my mouth.....

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