True Story from a few years ago Part 1

After university I moved to a new town and decided to explore a few different areas of my sexuality.

This was around 10 years ago, just about the same time it was first possible to contact like minded people through the internet.

After a few messages I arranged to meet a couple involved in S&M.

They were around 40, and the wife was dominant.

She had a few directions for me, from our first contact she insisted I was not to cum until we met, also I was to shave completely and on the day of our meeting, dress in very few clothes and drink LOTS of water.

I arrived on their doorstep after driving to a nice part of town. I knocked at the door, which was away from public view.

Through the letterbox I was instructed to remove my clothes, post them through and insert my cock and balls through the letter box.

I was shaking with adrenaline now, and a little shocked at her instructions.

Very soon after following her orders I felt a warm wetness envelop my genitals. a mouth was licking me, very skilfully.

I heard a voice "dont let him cum" which was confirmation that she was calling the shots to her subby husband. I had never had sexual contact with a man before but was ok with this, the taboo nature made it more exciting.

I was getting dangerously near to coming and she must have known. all of a sudden i was very cold, the whole area was smothered in ice and i could feel myself going soft.

"pull back out" she said " and put your hands over your eyes"

Again I obeyed, "step forward"

I heard the door click shut.

Then I felt something else, metal clicking over my cock and balls. Another new experience, a chastity device holding my cock in a u shape to make it impossible to use.

"hi" said the female voice.

"ready to serve me?"

"yes" i said and immediately felt a blow to my balls

"YES MISTRESS" she said.

I was nervous now and not really prepared for treatment like this, although I had fantasised about being dominated the reality was, well a little too real shall we say.

"yes mistress" I spluttered

"good, you can remove your hands, kneel"

i did so and was faced with the sight of my new mistress, she was tall and this was accentuated by her high heeled boots and of course the fact i was kneeling.

In front of my face was a thick black rubber strap on, probably ten inches long.

Above, she was wearing a rubber corset and had long red hair. kneeling next to me was her husband. Naked but for his chastity device and rubber hood with mouthhole.


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3 years ago
Interesting so far. More please.