Typical hidden cam masturbation session detailed..

Many of our "friends" have seen my HC masturbation videos of my lovely wife... what has been posted is only a small snippet into the realm of what happens each time. As business professionals, we need to protect our privacy as best as possible so the better clips and video's never make the site... however, after 5 years of working with HC in her shower, I can fairly accurately account an average session in words... let your minds and our videos/pics do the rest...

6:30am and her alarm goes off... 15-20 minutes later, she's on with her routine and made her way into the bathroom. The shower turns on as I say my good byes and she locks the garage door behind me. What she doesn't know is that Ive come to learn the days that I hear that latch click behind me, I know she's already planning on her orgasm...

When I return from my job that afternoon, I quickly and eagerly go to the DVR to see what we had in store that morning. She's not as avid a masturbator as I, so it's usually one session per 5 day business week. On this particular day, she enters the steamy shower as normal, the water beginning to saturate her naturally wavy hair and pull it down across her back, sending rivers of water down her shoulders and over the firm mound of her sexy ass. She stands facing the rear shower wall most of the time, giving me a view of her head, shoulders, thin waist, round butt and thick, muscular thighs... As she raises her arms and arches her back to wash her hair, the side silhouette of her firm, perky breasts peak in and out of view with amazing form. Using a wash ball she soaps her body, lathering with one hand and wiping the soap off with the other. Aside from the locked garage door, there's absolutely nothing extraordinary from this bath opposed to any other bath to this point. Routine and basic, yet sexy and sensual none the less. As she finishes cleansing her body, she reaches down between her thighs to wash her tight, always completely shaven pussy. Washing with the ball in one hand and rubbing and caressing with the other, it would almost appear as though she's begun masturbating at that point, but that's not the case. That's her normal routine and the tell tale signs of her self gratification have not yet begun.

She turns back to the rear of the shower and closes the soap bottles and puts down the wash ball. Running her hands through her hair and again arching her back against the morning rays of sun coming through the rooms windows casts an angelic sight almost worthy of my own orgasm in itself! The moment of truth nears as she turns back toward the gently flowing shower head; either she bends down to disengage the water, or she reaches for the shelf and her pussy... without hesitation, I see her calf muscles clench as she raises to her tip-toes, simultaneously her left arm raises to the bath shelf for support. Her right hand reaches down between her thighs, her eyes momentarily look upward before closing tightly as her index finger pokes between her thick, meaty pussy lips and finds her magical point of ecstasy. Within a split second, her finger is rubbing furiously, 150 kmp against her clit. There's no staged caressing or foreplay, no pre-preemptive writhing and moaning, just sheer, unbridled passion and pleasure. As her finger, hand and wrist gyrate feverishly against her clit, her firm, round breasts sway with the motion... streams of water running down her face ,across her lips and dripping down to her rock hard nipples. Her mouth opens ever so slightly as she begins to protrude her jaw and move side to side, almost appearing to grind her back teeth, yet breathing heavily through her open mouth, barring her teeth and clenching her eyes tight... as her breathing intensifies, she buries her face into her raised left shoulder, open mouth kissing her moist, soft skin. Suddenly she raises her head, pulling her lips from her body, tilting her head ever so slightly backward, water pouring across her tightly clenched eyes and down her face... a momentary waterfall across her lips and open mouth as she lets out a low, throaty gasp, followed by an sigh... her breasts and stomach heaving in unison, as her shoulders shudder. The sound is deep and gasping, a clear tone of pleasure,relief and ecstasy; the sigh an indication of the ticklish sensation as she rubs across her sensitive, pulsing clit one final time after orgasm. And just like that it's over. She lowers herself from her tiptoes, wipes her eyes with her left hand. Inspects her index finger of her right hand before wiping both the hand and pulsating pussy with the wash ball... She puts the ball away, turns off the shower and reaches for her towel. Drying her body and hair before stepping out.

From the moment she first turned towards the shower head to the moment she came in her quite, whimpering orgasm took maybe 90 seconds... no staged BS, nothing fake, nothing surreal, just intense, real life masturbation. ...and don't think for a second that I don't appreciate every moment of it!

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4 months ago
Love it.Love to watch my wife like that
7 months ago
Picturing this in my head, coupled with your latest video and a compilation of her shower orgasms is going to bring me to an intense release of my own, right there with her.
7 months ago
I can so imagine the click of the garage door, bingo! So hot to read!