Day out in Buxton

having several k**s my wife and i have little time for ourselves, so i put a rest day in.After taking the k**s to school i returned home to find my size 10 wife dressed in jeans and top, i pulled her upstairs and laid her on our bed and unfastened her jeans and pulled them down to reveal her pink panties.Next i pulled down her panties to see her trimmed pussy, i told her i was taking her out in a skirt and stockings with no panties, she refused, but said she would go out without panties.I went down stairs and left her to it, when she came down she had a knee lenght tight skirt on i lifted it to check and saw her bare pussy,i was feeling very horny as we jumped in the car.On the way to Buxton i pulled up her skirt and played with her pussy, she was nice and wet, i was hoping the other drivers could see.Once we arrived and parked up i slipped her some more fingers in the car park, we went a walk around and i asked her to flash her pussy, but she said her skirt was to tight so i kept on touching her up in all the shops.On the returb journey i pulled up her skirt and fingered her pussy, she spread her legs wide and said i was wetting her skirt with her cum.She was very horny now and unzipped my jeans and started to wank me as i drove she asked me if she was being dirty enough, then leaned over and sucked on my hard cock while i drove, it was great.I was trying to find a quite spot to shag her but could n`t, so i drove as fast as i could home.When we got there we ran inside and she sat on the dinning table after removing her skirt, with her legs spread, i pulled down my jeans and pants and kneeled infront of her and licked her wet pussy -she groaned with pleasure and asked me to fuck her.I lifted her from the table and rambed in my cock while fingering her arsehole, we both cam together and spunk and her cum was running down the table leg.We cleaned up and said that we would do it again sometime-i will let you know what happens....
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