The ride home. (Busted part 2)

Every time he pushed his cock into my ass a little pre-cum leaked from my semi hard man clit. The popper found it's way to my nose. I inhaled hard and almost passed out but I was completely euphoric. Michael's cock slid into my mouth and he began to fuck my face with so much f***e that I thought he would break my nose. But that's not where this story starts.
As Michael led my freshly fucked ass out of the bathroom, I was completely dazed. I could barely focus on the music playing. I was no longer aware of my surroundings. I drifted towards the bar where I had been sitting but was pulled towards a table in the corner of the club. We passed two men fondling each other, kissing and licking each others tongues. One man was working his partners cock inside his pants and you could tell it wouldn't be long before he exploded. My mind thought to tell them that the bathroom stall was free but I was being directed elsewhere by my stepson. I recognized William sitting at the table. William had been Michael's friend for years and the subject of many of my masturbation sessions. I had no idea William was gay or bi. To this point I still wasn't sure what he was doing at the table. There were two other men around my son's age sitting at the table. I was introduced to Jeff and Terry. Jeff was a young looking man with a boys face; obviously feminine and probably a total bottom from his mannerism. Then there was Terry. He was a bear type who everyone at the table called Plumb. His broad shoulders and imposing size reminded me of a line backer.
William was visibly shocked to see me. You could tell he was put off a little. “Mr. Richard? How are you?”, He said nervously. Michael said, “Relax. I caught him looking for cock in the bathroom so I gave him some.” “Really?” William's nervousness turned to shock. “Hi, William”, I said. “Wow. That's hot”, Jeff said as his attention went to the two guys in the table next to ours. One of the guys was getting fed a hot load at the table. He obviously couldn't wait to leave and went down on his friend who was cumming hard. I was very jealous. Michael said, “That's our cue. I want some more of my stepfather's ass.” “You fucked his ass? What the fuck?”, William was now visibly excited. “Let's go.” We all stepped towards, and through. the door and Michael hailed a Taxi Van. The music in the club gave way to the sound of city streets. The small town feel seemed amazingly busy. Perhaps it was my anticipation of what I'm sure was in store for me later.
The van door slid open and we all got in. I took the very back seat and Jeff slid close next to me; Terry next to him. Michael told the cabbie my address as he and William took the middle seat and we were off.
No sooner than we started rolling, Jeff started to rub my leg. I was a little shocked but didn't stop him. There was deafening quiet. Before we had reach the second stop sign of what would be a 12 mile trek home, Jeff had my cock out and was flecking off the dried semen from my dick head with his fingers. He kissed me as he stroked my rod hard and I was beginning to get the idea that Jeff wanted my dick. He lowered his head down to my lap and started to suck me harder than I think anyone had before. It felt like he was trying to suck my asshole through my cock head. The loud din of the face fucking occurring in the back of the van made me wonder if the driver was going to stop us but he never said a word. I watched the mirror waiting for the driver to pull over and expel us physically from the vehicle. The fear was electrifying. It was as if my cock was committing some kind of crime and it was trying to finish before it got caught.
Jeff was working my cock like he was starving and I had the only cream in a thousand miles he could eat. His fingers cupped my balls and massaged them softly. You could tell he was a fan favorite at an orgy. By now William and Michael were kissing in the seat in front of me and Terry was jacking his cock hard. Terry's dick was long and thin but his cock head was like a golf ball on a golf tee. I now know why they call him Plumb. I wanted that rod in my ass and bad. Terry was very quiet. He barely said two words in the club. To be honest, I'm not sure I heard his voice until later.
I was hunching Jeff's mouth like a pussy. I whispered that I was going to cum and tried hard to pull out of his mouth but he wouldn't release my tool and I filled his throat with my man seed. My God, I thought. He's trying to suck me completely dry. Terry grunted and, without missing a beat, Jeff deftly moved from my dick to Terry's cock and drank his juice as Terry f***ed Jeff's head down until his balls were almost in Jeff's mouth. The sight of Terry blowing his load in Jeff's mouth was amazing and you could smell the cum drifting through the van. I was about to lose my mind. I couldn't believe Jeff had just swallowed two loads in less than twenty minutes. He was a real cum pig and I knew we were going to be fighting for cock all night. (You know the deal. To be continued after I get some cock in my ass and not before.)
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1 year ago
Sounds fun Richard.
1 year ago
more parts please
2 years ago
Again a hot story. You write those stories very well
2 years ago
can i have some cock in my ass to
2 years ago
very very hot!