The perfect marriage

Being married together for some 26 years is a rarity in this day and age, and normally confined to couples who live a contented, if not slightly boring, life or those that clearly live completely separate lives but stay together as more of a convenience, than out of love or respect for each other
I suppose to the outside world J and R fitted into the former category, being both professional individuals who seemed to have all that they ever wanted along with a grown up daughter, after all there seemed little that they had left on their wish list that could possibly make their life more complete.
Successful, happily married and content, any one of these is an asset that some people can only hope to aspire to, and all three is a somewhat unique attribute in these days of promiscuity.
R is and has always been the perfect wife, portraying in the past a somewhat old fashioned, and yes possibly on some occasions a prudish outlook on the values of life. Never really feeling the need to explore the opportunities that exist within all of our lives, to be tempted into a more exciting world of sex outside of her marriage, despite some men clearly lusting after her.
Indeed to her the most sexy encounter would be to take a hot bath, a warm fluffy towel and an open fire and be laid to bare with the warmth of the fire cascading upon her curvaceous body and beautifully proportioned breasts, while J gently stroked and inspected every detail of her body.
Such a wonderful life so rich in contentment that she very often missed the tentative nature that some of their male friends portrayed upon her. Even when J commented upon the fact that many men would go to almost any length to inspect her more than average assets she would brush the suggestion off as “sheer nonsense”. Not having any respect for the obvious and clearly not enjoying her own body does not make for a woman who accepts compliments in the way that they are ever intended!
Like all normal alpha males J always had another side to the otherwise obvious contentment of a secure marriage and loving wife.
Well.... perhaps not quite so obvious, as anyone will tell you 20 plus years of marriage does bring a certain amount of predictability to proceedings, along with the prospect of an accusation of being slightly perverse should he suggest that it was indeed very sexy to remove his own wife’s underwear himself rather than the obligatory sequence of events that normally preceded any sexual encounter with on occasions the immortal words “no point in leaving them on as they are coming off to go to bed anyway”!
If only she knew how sexy it was to see her in her finest lingerie, the softness of the silk caressing her amazing outline, and the image of her clitoris slightly filling the gusset of her fine lace.
The volume of her nipples expanding as they react to an ever appreciative glance, whilst waiting in anticipation to the lips and warmth of the attention that they are about to receive.
It was only then, once he had experienced the power that a woman can have on a hot bl**ded male and the obvious sexuality the she naturally possesses could he dare be brave enough to suggest his most inner sexual desires.
As it happened on one occasion when they were both sexually charged he did gently persuade her to leave her underwear on for him to appreciate. As she lay in all her finery she began to enjoy the reaction that she had upon his manhood, and as she did she began to exude even more sexuality. Her nipples clearly evident behind the lace that previously masked their former existence.
As J kissed her deeply on the mouth he slowly began to move his hands toward her now erect nipples as she moaned out loudly on reaching the desired spot, slowly rubbing and gently pinching them to enhance their sensitivity.
Still fully adorned in lace he then gently brushed upon her damp gusset with his fingers, slowly enjoying the warmth of her pre cum juices through the material.
She gave a slight gasp as his fingers explored the lips of her clitoris as her knickers began to draw the moist dampness that began to exude for her now wet pussy.
Slowly he drew down her knickers as he kissed her inner thigh, and she gently raised her bum cheeks up toward his lips as her pussy was set free to enjoy the warmth and wetness of his tongue.
He continued to lick toward her wetness and soon she had given herself up to him and eagerly opened her legs for him to penetrate her innermost pussy with his tongue.
As she began to moan she placed her hands behind his head and applied pressure in an attempt for him to enter her deeper and deeper.
With his eager tongue he began to suck her harder flicking her clit as she began to overflow with her wetness. He drank her pre cum and tasted her deeper wetness on the back of his throat and he moaned out loud in pleasure as she gushed once more.
It is now that he has her, no longer his wife but a horny sexy woman who’s sexuality is just so awesome that he knew he could at that solitary moment in time be just about anybody. As she clasped tightly her eyes shutting the outside world to her innermost thoughts as she lay there enjoying the attention her body was receiving.
No longer man and wife but now just two sexually active and charged mature people who were entwined in ecstasy as she exploded into a raging orgasm.
She gasped uncontrollably as her juices gushed again and again as she once more thrust her pussy deeper and deeper into his eager mouth.
Her orgasm seemed continue forever as her whole body jerked in rhythm to each explosion that penetrated deep inside her.
As the intensity slowly subsided she exuded all of the sexuality associated with a horny woman who realises her sexual needs and then began to demonstrate a somewhat domineering need to be satisfied.
The feeling is erotic as the only immediate requirement is to service her every need and desire.
“Fuck me”.....”Fuck me harder ”she urges as she separates her legs so that she can feel every inch of your his huge cock inside her.
“Faster and deeper” as she places her legs over his shoulders for him to penetrate her even more.
She then shudders into a multiple explosion of ecstasy with her cum juices spread between her legs and quickly descended to soak her now glistening bum hole.
She urges her man to empty his sperm deep inside her “oh fuck... fill me up,.... spunk inside me until she is overflowing” she commanded. She is now in complete control, and her pussy gets ready to receive the explosive warmth as his balls begin to develop into a crescendo of hot sticky love juice.
With the remnants of her multiple orgasm like an electric charge as it reached through to every sinew in her body R is no longer J’s wife, but has erupted into a horny sexy woman who needed to be serviced. She did not need loving but desperately in need of unadulterated deep and meaningful sexual satisfaction.
J could have been anyone, R in her desire for satisfaction didn’t recognise him as her loyal husband but only as a vehicle to satisfy her own personal lust and sexual desire.
Perhaps now was a good time for J to disclose his innermost sexual fantasy that he had been holding for years.
“God i love it when you are so horny” he began. “I could have been just anyone then, you are so domineering”
“I know” she replied”. So do you like being domineering and demanding when you are fucked so hard” J asked
“Love it, it is very powerful and makes me feel good”. “would you let anyone else fuck you then” J tentatively asked. “ yes but how would you cope with that one hun” she replied.
J kissed her and as he did his now limp cock began to spring into life, and as he played with her once again he began to explain his inner most sexual desire of another man fucking her while he was not there, and then coming back to her after she had enjoyed the attention of another mans hands fondling every inch of her body. Kissing her deeply and sucking her large tits and erect nipples. How he longed for her to return with the marks of another man sucking and gently biting her body clearly visible for him to appreciate. And then finally sucking their mixed cum juices out of her swollen pussy, before she urged him to fuck her once more as she tried to satisfy her insatiable appetite for even more sex.
As he told her she began to admit that she would like another man to fuck but only on her own.
As J began to enter her wet sticky pussy once more he admitted that he would love to have sticky creamy seconds and that he would not want be with her when she was being fucked by someone else and just the fact that she was enjoying herself with another man and allowing him to explore and enjoy her lovely body was in fact all he ever wanted.
She shuddered into another orgasm as the mixed cum juice from earlier rushed to meet his sperm as he once again emptied himself into her
The scene was now set and they did not have to wait that long before a much more fully sexual experience for both of them was about to begin.

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1 year ago
this sets the scene perfectly, great story.
where is part two..?
2 years ago
An intriguing story, very good..x
2 years ago
very good