a passing chance

I hadnt seen Miles for about 15 years when we were at school and used to explore one anothers bodies.We´d sit in his bedroom and play with one another cocks until hard a gagging to burst. His was the first cock I saw cum apart form my own!
so, the years passed and one sunny day we met by chance in a cafe in a busy town. We sat with oneanother a chatted about school days but avoiding the conversation about our sexual desires..We chatted out way through two coffees and a whisky each. Looking at the time I cursed as had missed the last bus home and with this Miles offered to take me home as we didnt live that far away from one another. In the car we cahtted and chatted until we arrived at my house. Miles liked the look of the house so I asked if he wanted to come in and have a look around and have a glass of wine, which he accepted with no hesitation.
As the first bottle emptied and I went for a second one, Miles took his jumper off pulling his tshirt up and exposing his firm abdominal muscles, this made my cock start to twinge and I think he caught a glimpse of me staring and as carried on the conversation placed his hand on my leg. I liked this so moved a little closer and with this he moved his hand higher towards my crutch and with this we started kissing, slowly at first but then increasing to our tongues wrestling in each other mouths. My hand went under his shirt to feel his stomach muscles and find his small firm nipples. I pulled his shirt up to exposed his torso and started to loick and chew lightly at his nipples and his hand caressed my now stiff cock inside my trousers. He piulled at the belt and fumbled the buttons, eventually pulling them free form my body. He released hie own trousers and showed to have the same 8 inch cock he did in the school days, I rub in surface of this bulging member through has pants and couldnt wait any longer. I pulled down his pants so his cock sprung back right in fornt of my mouth. I started licking up and down his members, tugging on his balls with my mouth and then slid the pulsated head of his cock into my mouth to suck hard and slow..Miles siged loudly as I worked his expanding cock. After a good 10 minutes of sucking he pulled me up and took my 6incher out and started to slid me right down his throat giving me deep throat. After about 3 minutes I thought I was going to explode. So I stopped him and stood him up against the wall as if I were frisking him. I got him to bend forward slightly so I could pull his cock back through his legs and suck it form behind, with his arse in my face I started to lick around his opening and then sliding my tongue up as far as I could while pounding his cock waiting for his milk.
We found our way to the bedroom, where he got me to go on all fours as he stared to lick my arse abnd then got me into a 69 where we stayed some 10 minutes licking one another arseholes, balls and ever so erect cocks...but now we both wanted to be in one another, so I got the oil and stared to rub it all over Miles´body, lubing up his arse and cock...oh so smooth!! I got him on his back and sat slowly on his cock, sliding up into me I dont know how I didnt come right there and then it was extacy then he grabbed my cock and started to wank me while fucking me!!oh, what bliss..then he said he was about to come, so I got off his cock and slid it into my warm wanting mouth, after a few seconds he shot his loads into the back of my throat..that lovely taste of salty manhood, I swallow half and then dribbled the rest into his waiting mouth..then he oiled me up and got on all fours for me to take him..he grabbed at my swinging balls as I loved his arse and squeezed them slightly...with this I could feel my point of explosion coming on quick, and with this, he let me slide out of his arse as he took me in his mouth to fire my load down his throat. As I came he sucked and sucked every last drip of cum until my body was quivering with delight..
We lay there naked for half an hour or so and then Miles said he had to go...
we are meeting next week too!!
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3 years ago
good short story,,,brings back memories..got my juices flowing.