Cuckhold in Milwaukee Part 6

Recently had to go away to a meeting. Drove 6 hours. Called my wife to tell her I wish she was with as I was passing all these adult toy stores and strip joints

Turns out there was one just a couple of exits away from my hotel. My wife asked about it and I filled her in that it looked kind of dead and empty. The few times I drove by it no one was there. The morning I was leaving at about 9am to go home. At 8:30 I get a text from my wife that she wanted me to stop and pick a few things at this particular place. I asked why this one it looks so dead. She said she called and they had what she wanted s I told her to text me a list.

Well the list included a couple of play toys for her, a ball gag and a couple of cuckhold dvd's. I go to the place and there is one car around the side of the building otherwise it looked empty. I went to the door and it was opened. There was one clerk behind the counter who looked like she was 21 at best. She asked if I needed help and said no thanks I have a list, and she laughed you cane in with a list? She then pointed out the private booths to the back and I said thanks but that's all right.

I looked around the store and slowly found everything Judy wanted. There were two cuckholding dvd's and one of them came with a magazine about transforming your husband into a sissy. She also had a couple of clitoral stimulators on there. I got to the checkout area and the store was still empty. To deflect what from I was buying I asked her if she was old enough to work in a place like. She said she was 28. She looked at the dvd's and then looked at me and said you what these are about right? I said yes I do, thank you. She just smiled.

When she got to the clitoral stimulator, she said I need to make sure this works by putting the batteries in, is that ok? I said sure go ahead. She turned it on and held it out and I said boy it doesn't move very much. She said well let's check. Come with me please. She took me back by the booths and opened one. She dropped her skirt and she had no panties, she said let me try it for you. I must have turned bright red, she said don't worry your wife said you would get embarrased at first. Then she was using it on her self and starting to moan and grind. She then said, "your wife said you should film this part on your phone for her." She's really going at it and lifts up her blouse to show these magnificent smallish titties and starts pinching her nipples. She looks at me and sort of moans come help my tits. I said, "I can't film then." She said don't worry.

"Sammy, come here and help please." I was expecting a guy to walk out and instead out comes this stocky biker chick. Sammy says, "what do you need?" She goes, "remember that cuckhold that was coming in? Well here is the dickless wonder. Can you film while I play with my clit and he pays with my boobs?" She says, "Sure" I couldn't believe Judy had called here and wondered what else was going to happen.

She takes my phone and pushes me over by the young clerk whose name turns out to be Angie. I start sucking on her nipples and she says, "you don't need to be so gentle." I start nibbling and biting and she is really getting off again. She must have cum 5 or 6 times"

When she was done, she looked over to Sammie and said "should we show him the dungeon room now like his wife asked." My head was swimming wondering what was going to happen.

I was horny as hell and figured I would follow as I didn't want to incur Judy's wrath either. They took me to this room that was set up with all these shackles and furniture. Angie brought over the blindfold that was in the goodies I was buying. She put it on me and told me to strip. I hesitated and felt a swat on my ass and Sammie says, "strip now". I got undressed and Sammie starts laughing, "wow he does have a small dick, good thing I'm a lesbian, he even has boobs bigger than you Angie"

I couldn't cover up and didn't know what to do. Angie says, "if we get anyone in looking to use the private booths we can offer him up, in the meantime lets have some fun. His wife says he likes to have his nipples played with. We also have to make sure we record it for his wife." Next thing my nipples are being twisted and pinched and even though I moved back from it, my cock started to get hard. Angie noticed that and said, "wow, his teenie weenie grew, keep doing it so I can get it on tape."

At that moment we heard a ding and Angie said, "keep pinching, I'll see who's here."

Sammie then said, "your the first cuckhold I ever met and you must really enjoy it." Before I could answer, Angie is back and said, "a bachelorette party just came in. Should we show them what they should do to their men and let them watch?" Sammie said, "go for it, he'll enjoy it"

Angie opens the door and says, "ladies, this is your lucky day if you want. We have a cuckholded husband back here we are working on for his wife. Would you like to see us play with him?" I could hear all this murmuring and one of them yells back, "hell yeah!" I hear the door open and Angie says "we are filming this for his wife but if you want to you can also film it. Please don't come in any further and please don't touch him."

She walks over and tells Sammie to really work on my nipples and asks one of the bachelorette party to film and she walks over and starts playing with my cock. A bunch of the party said they can't believe I have such a small cock", one says what is a cuckhold?" Angie says, "he is is wife's slave and sometimes gets to watch while she fucks and plays with others." That with her playing with my cock and Sammie on my boobs is getting me excited. One of the party notices it and says, "he's growing". Angie says should we let him explode, and the bride yells, "YES". At that moment I exploded, cum went flying all over, someone in the group, yells, "wow for such a small cock he can cum".

Angie goes we hope you enjoyed the show but we must let him rest, I assume it was the bride came over and kissed me on the cheek and said, "now I know what I want to do with my future husband."

Sammie picked up some of the cum off my belly and rubbed it on my tongue and said, "hope you are having fun, we have a few more things to do". I laid back wondering what else could happen?

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