How we started swinging

We have been married for over 25 years. My wife had to put up with my having a very small penis. Though she never complained she was always wishful of a big penis.

I thought why not let us have some fun and started looking for a couple to have some fun with. Met someone online who lived about an hour from us and they invited us over to relax in their hot tub.

When it came time to go my wife was having second thoughts wondering what would happen if it worked out. Well we got there and visited for a bit and talked about a variety of things including sex and the other wife was talking about how big and thick her husbands cock was, my wife just smiled and moved closer to him. He then they suggested we go get in the hot tub. My wife couldn't wait to take off her clothes which surprised me.

Well the other wife wasn't k**ding her hubby was big and thick. My wife just smiled and snuggled in by him. well after about 20 minutes the other guy suggested we split up and have some fun.

The other wife and I went together. She told me she wasn't really into swinging but did it because her husband needed a lot more. So her and I started talking. I told her this s the first time my wife and I had done something like this. She asked if I wanted to know what was going on in the other room. I said I would love to and she took me over to a computer and turned it. She asked if it would bother me to see my wife fucking anther guy, I said I would love to see it.

She took me by their computer and turned it on. Had a video of what was going on in the bedroom with sound. There was my wife humping like a bunny. I could hear her talking and saying it was so nice to have a real man's cock instead of the teenie weenie she had. She kept begging for more. I tensed a little and the other wife asked if it bothered me to hear her complain about my cock or see her with another man, I said no it made me really horny. She told me to keep watching then.

I asked the other wife if she liked watching. She said sometimes if he was with the right person, and it really prevented her from having to fuck too often. She said it was always nice when it was a couple that came over because it was more fun to interact. They fucked for the next four hours with me watching. My wife must have cum at least 25 times. She had cum over most of her body

I watched for the entire time. My wife complained a lot about my small cock and then came harder and harder. It turned me on to hear her complain and to see her cum like I had never seen. They finally came out and my wife had a huge smile on her face. She said it was about time we leave (it was about 8am).

I said ok, we thanked the other couple and headed out to the car. As we got in the car, my wife hiked up her skirt and said damn I forgot my underwear!. I said I would go back, she said don't worry she won't need it for the ride home. She started to...... (wait until you hear what happens next!)

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1 year ago
i wanted to hear what that guys wife did for you while your wife was fucking
1 year ago
i agree..on to part 2
2 years ago
Very hot,,but need to read part two,,thanks