My wife has me put on a show

My wife and I have been married for a long time. She is a saint to put up with my small cock. She has looked elsewhere and has had many friends with benefits over the years.

I love hearing what she has done. I have no problems. She can have fun with anyone and has. Small groups, friends of ours even patients of mine. My only request is she jerks me off once every couple of weeks and tells me the things she has done.

I usually no when this is going to happen because it always happens a day or two after she has been with someone. She will come home, find me in bed and snuggle next to me and make sure my hand gets down my her soaking wet pussy. She will say thank you to me and promise me I will get relief in a day or two.

Usually when she is ready to do this she will come into the bedroom after I have been sl**ping for a while and make sure my wrists are bound and slip a blindfold over my face. She will have me naked and sit and twist my nipples for a while and talk about what a small dick I have. Well this night she says boy do you have a small dick. too bad it can't satisfy anyone. Whenever she says this I apologize and say at least she still gets to have lots of fun. Then she says what do you think my friends and relatives would say when I say I have to look elsewhere for cock?

I said they would probably say you are lucky that you can look. All of a sudden I hear a laugh and another voice saying boy you are right it is the smallest penis I have ever seen and you could even put a bra on him. I strained against the restraints and said what's going on here. My wife say I told Tammy (her best friend) and Sheri (her s****r) what was going on and they didn't believe me.

They asked if they could see when I play with you so they are here to help. She then warned me they were going to help why she filled me in and I could not cum until she said.

One of them started playing with my penis while the other started playing with my nipples. Judy then told me remember the other day when I cam home and had you touch my cum filled pussy. That cum was from one of your patients. She then filled me in on the the last weeks while one was playing with my penis and the other playing with my nipples.

I was straining not to cum listening to what Judy has done and getting excited I was being watched by others. After over two hours of listening to Judy's exploits for the last 2 weeks and hearing things from her s****r and her friend and being f***ed to answer their questions, Judy says should we let him cum? Her friend and her s****r say yeah we can do that but I think he needs to be all of ours cuckhold and we need to do this more often. Judy said that's a good idea. SHe asked me what do I think I said I would do anything they wanted thinking tonight would be the end of it. They let me cum and I exploded all over shooting several feet. They couldn't believe it.

I thought that was the end of it until late the next afternoon I get a call to meet them at one of the local spots that custom measures for bras telling me to meet them there.

What did I get into?? Wait until you hear what happens next!
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