It could happen - part 2

After a few weeks of nagging i give up on Lisa letting Husk join in on our fun,she said it was a one off and it would never happen again,she saw the disapointment in my eyes and winked but to make up for it you can fuck arse later.
When i got home that night Lisa was already in bed asl**p so i undressed and crawled in beside her, we both sl**p naked so it did not take long for my cock to grow hard as i pressed it up to Lisa`s big warm ass,as it grew bigger and harder it found the entrance to Lisa`s shaved pussy it slid in as i moved her leg away from me.mmmmmmm hi babe she sl**ply said as my cock filled her hole squeeze my nipples hard she said as she started to buck back against my thrusts.As i played with her nipples i cud feel her pussy juices run down my shaft into my pubic hair fuck me fuck me she growled as i got her on all fours,this new posision meant my cock was even deeper in her wet pussy as i slammed into her i could she her heavy tits swinging away in our bedroom mirror.
She reached into her drawers and pulled out her rabbitt and and a tube of lube,i pumped some on to middle finger and slowly slid it into her arse hole still fucking her wet pussy. oh my god she screamed put your cock in there now she demanded i pulled it out of her pussy and placed the tip of it on her arse hole, once my helmet had f***ed an opening she tenced for a second then slowly began to back up onto it.soon my balls were against her pussy YES she said slowly Kev please, i will i replied at first i just knelt behind her not moving just feeling my hard cock twitching inside her tight ass then i was moving it slowly in and out of her,Lisa now moaning with every thrust into her.soon i was getting harder and faster as she turned on her rabbitt and placed it against her clit in a matter of seconds she was cumming as i felt my balls tighting i filled her arse with my white sticky load
i sat there for a while watching Lisa fill her pussy with her vibrator as my seamen dripped out of her arse hole and down her legs
Four days later i left work early as i had a fucking shit day i stopped off my local for a quick drink and then home.As i walked in i could hear moaning sounds coming from the living room i looked in to see Lisa on her back naked with her legs open and husk with his head in her pussy she had her eyes shut and was playing with her tits,i got out my iphone and started to video her after a while i had to get cock out and start to wank it off,husk looked up for a second but soon burried his head into my wifes wet pussy,i was so turned on it did not take me long to cum.I snekeed out of the room to clean up and look at my phone to see how it came out.Lisa still does not know i was there but i have the evidence and will interesting to see if i have to use one day to get what i want.
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9 months ago
good move matey
1 year ago
Just makes me wonder if Husk has managed to get in on the action yet?
2 years ago