It could happen

This is my first ever story so bear with me please.This is not a true story but a fantasy i had for many years
I`m kevin 27 married to lisa also 27 have one son aged 4 and a f****y dog called husk
One night a few weeks ago i was in bed on my ipad playing some games lisa was in the shower so i had earlier locked the house up and went up to bed to relax/unwind i had been there 10 mins when lisa walked into the bedroom with just a pair of white panties and a towel on her wet hair
lisa is about a size 16 pear shape with big bum and boobs she also has the most amazing large and sensative nipples she is shaved and gets very wet when horny
she walked over to my side or the bed and sat in between my legs facing away from me and asked for a neck and shoulder rub which i was happy to do as this normaly leads to sex
after a while of massaging her shoulders neck and arms my hands reached around to her boobs and harding nipples it did not take long for lisa to slowly start making moaning sounds and grinding her bum into my crotch making my cock swell and thicking
lisa can let me play with her tits for hours she loves it and even more as she reaches over to her bedside drawer and pulls out one her favourite vibrators,she slides her now wet panties to oneside and easily glides her new friend into her pink pussy she lets out a louder moan and looks around with a smile on her face and a glazed look in her eye
We did hear husk sneek into our room as he is normaly not allowed he usualy sl**ps on the landing floor outside our bedroom,we dont know if he heard lisa or smelt her pussy sent in the air first
lisa had removed her panties by now and turned over so her face was in my crotch and her bum was in the air,she took hold of my hard cock and started to wank me off as she licked the eye of my cock with the tip of her tongue soon though she took more and more of my shaft into het mouth while squeezing my balls
suddenly lisa squeeled and tensed at the same time as a cold nose brushed her clit " what the fuck " as she kicked out at husk i started to laugh " he is only jealous" "dont be hard on him" i said " would you like that kevin if husk help you out " she laughed
She called back over to husk who jumped back onto our bed lisa stuck her bum inthe air and patted her arse and began sucking my cock again soon husk and his nose buried in my wifes` pussy and when he started to lap up her noe flowing juices she cam in seconds the same time as i shot my heavy load into her she swallowed husk must of licked her arse hole as she shoot up and shouted no " thats just for your daddy to play with "

Hope u liked it i know it could be a longer story but i can add to it if you comment on it
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1 year ago
Very nice kinky story mate, I didn't see that coming when I started reading it.
2 years ago
Nice story the? Is if there's more? ? Please continue
2 years ago
Kinky!! Good start.