Firest TIme Together pt3

She collapse on the pussy soaked sheets rolled over and pulled me to her and kissed me deeply and passionately.

After kissing for several minutes, Jenn’s hand moved to my dick and slowly stroked me. I returned the favor by moving my hand to her shaved pussy and finding her still swollen clit. She quickly removed my hand rolled me to my back and jumped on top of me. She reached between her legs and found my cock, positioned the head between her pussy lips and slid back onto my cock. She was tight and wet. My cock slid in easily, but the tightness caught me by surprise. I thought I was going to lose it and cum before she sat all the way back. I completely lost my desire to cum when she smacked me across the face. She smacked me hard but playful and she said to me “Don’t even think about cumming right now”. During this exchange she slid all the way down my cock and was adjusting to the size as she slowly rocked back and forth. I was playing with her big tits and alternating between licking her left and right nipple. She was riding me harded and grabbed my hair and pulled my head back off her nipple hard. She told me to fuck her harder.

It was at this point I remember her **** fantasy. That smack across the face and the pulling of my hair was motivating me to oblige her fantasy.

I reached up and grabbed her throat with my right hand. I f***ed her head back as I sat up and grabbed her ass with my left arm. I rolled her to her back and started to fuck her hard. I kept my and on her throat; not squeezing or choking, just applying pressure, so she knew I was in charge. I released her throat and picked her legs up and placed them on my shoulder. I then returned both hands to her throat. This gave me a great angle to bury my cock completely in her at the same time holding her down. I pounded her pussy relentlessly. I felt her leg quivering, as I leaned back to view my cock sliding in and out of her pussy, my cock slipped out of her pussy as she exploded in another powerful squirting orgasm. I threw her legs to the left and entered her from the side. I plowed her pussy for several minutes as I played with her lips and tongue as she moaned in pleasure. I slipped my cock out of her pussy and she quickly sat up to suck it. She cleaned my cock of our sex and then asked me to fuck her doggie style.

As she leaned her over the side of the bed I could see her swollen pussy lips and her puckered asshole. I grabbed her hips and slid my cock in her pussy. I started off slow and built up my pace. Before long, I had her hair in my hand and was pulling her head back as I fucked her. As her legs were spread to far apart, she could not adjust her position, and relieve the pain I was causing to her neck and back. She was getting her fantasy. Finally I released her hair and she slumped forward. I could not resist her sweet puckered asshole. I licked my thumb and pressed it against her asshole. I continued to fuck her hard and now was pressing my thumb into her ass. She sat up to protest and I held her head down as I finished thumb wrestling with her ass. I continued finger fucking her ass and fucking her super wet pussy for several minutes. I was almost ready to cum and I told her to get on her knees and get ready for it. I smacked her on the ass and she getting hit the floor. Her mouth was wide open and she was pressing her tits together in case I missed her face. I started to cum and my first shot cleared her head and landed on the night stand. My second hit her in the eye. The next one was in her mouth and the rest coated her tits. She leaned forwarded and once again cleaned my cock. She sucked me until my cock was limp. Next she scooped the cum from her face and chest into her mouth and swallowed. I leaned down and gave her a great big kiss. Never before had I experienced this level of sexual freedom. It was spectacular, but far from over.

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4 years ago
Great story!!