First Time Together pt2

As she stood, we shared a kiss and a hug. I massaged her ass cheeks as we swayed together in the middle of the hotel room.

I pushed her back onto the bed and grabbed her legs. It was time to repay the favor. I stood above her and held her legs together high in the air as I kissed her calf and massaged her thighs. I then began to rub my hardening cock into her ass and pussy just as a tease. I kissed my way down the back of her legs to her ass. I still held her legs high and proceeded to kiss her cheeks and asshole. I wanted to start slow, so I purposely avoid her pussy. I caressed her inner thighs. Kissed her mound and teased her outer lips with my lips, tongue and fingers. I wanted to get her to the point where she’s ready to beg me to attack her clit. After ten minutes of teasing, I spread her legs and descended on her wet bald pussy. I spread her pussy open with the finger of my right hand and used my left hand to massage her clit. Slowly I circled her clit, and started to lick her pussy. I licked her from taint to clit with one big wet lick, then I started to lick her lips and found the entrance to her pussy.

I then moved to her clit. I’m not big on the alphabet technique, I like to try different tongue movements and listen to which movement gets the best reaction. That is the motion I continue with until a change is needed. She reacted best to my tongue licking from left to right with my head positioned directly above her clit. With my head in this position, I had a great angle to slide my fingers in and out of her pussy. As my tongue danced on her clit, I began inserting my fingers in to her wet pussy. She was getting wetter and wetter. My face was covered in her pussy juice and her ass and thighs were just as wet. Knowing her love of anal, I decided to attempt a little anal play. I removed my fingers from her pussy and gently slid my pinky into her asshole. Her reaction to this caught me completely off guard. She grabbed my head and lifted her ass a foot off the bed and squirted a quart of cum straight into my mouth. With my pinky still in her asshole, I shoved my two fingers back into her pussy as I attacked her clit with new vigor. She sprayed my again and I never left her clit. As she started to buck I removed my fingers from her pussy and ass, grabbed her ass and lifted her pussy to my face and attacked her clit hard. She grabbed my head and pulled me in tight and began bucking her hips as I nibbled on her clit. She came again and fell back to the bed. Breathlessly, she rolled to her side, covered her pussy with her hands and begged me to stop.

Rolling over allowed me a perfect view of her ass, so I began to kiss and caress her cheeks. I spread her cheeks and started licking her asshole. Soon she was on her knees and my face was buried in her ass. She was rubbing her clit as I ate her ass. I reached over the nightstand and grabbed her 7 inch gel vibrator; turned it on and placed it on her asshole. Her hand quickened on her clit and her ass lifted. I took this as an invitation and position the vibrator at the entrance to her pussy and slid in right to the base. She began to holler and buck and slid back right into my hand , which cuased her to buck again and this time she slid right off the vibrator and again gushed a gallon of cum all over the vibrator and her hand that was still attached to her clit. She collapse on the pussy soaked sheets rolled over and pulled me to her and kissed me deeply and passionately.

We had been in the room for a little over an hour and we had both came extremely hard… and we still had not had sex. I was sure one of us would experience a sex injury if the rest of the night went like this.

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