First Time Together

Ok, I’ll tell you about the first time Jenn & I got together. She is about 5'6" 140lbs with 36 DD tits and a full ass. She is curvy girl, a girl I can't break. I'm 5'7" 170lbs and I'm blessed with a thick eight inch cock with a head that is slightly bigger than a plum.

We had spent the better part of a month messing around; she’d blow me or I’d finger her during our lunch breaks. When we weren’t messing around, we were talking about our fantasies, our likes and dislikes during sex. It was during these discussions that I learned that she has a small **** fantasy, loves brunettes with big tits; she likes anal, facials and would love to be double penetrated. She learned I’ve been in several three ways, but had never been deep throated and that I had never had anal sex with a woman.

We finally decided it was time to fuck. So for our first sex session, we met at a hotel on a Saturday evening. She got to the room first and decided to surprise me at the door. When I arrived, she met me at the door naked and with a blow job. I didn't even make it in the room and she had my cock out and half way down her throat. She literally blew me with the door open for about three minutes. Finally, she let me in the room and allowed me to remove my clothes. When I put my keys and wallet on the night stand, I noticed she had brought her toys. She brought a seven inch gel vibrator and a nine inch dildo that was really thick. She said she brought them to put on a show for me. She is a giver.

Once my clothes were off, we continued where we left off, she on her knees with my cock in her mouth. She started out slow, planting kisses all over the shaft, then moved down and licked the balls. Jenn proceeded to coat my cock and balls in her saliva. As she licked and sucked, she stroked my cock with one hand and tickled my ass with the other; all while staring directly in my eyes. She had me so hot, there was no way I was going to last. I told her to slow down, which only encouraged her more. She grabbed my ass and started pulling me into her. She began to face fuck herself with my cock. I was at the point of no return and I grabbed her head and I began to face fuck her. This wasn’t the time for slow and teasing, she had driven me to the point where I was totally wild and losing control. I wrapped my hand in her hair and began pulling her head all the way down my cock. I was so lost in the moment that I didn’t realize that I was balls deep in her face. She had had slid her tongue out from under my cock so she was licking my balls to add extra sensation as I thrust in and out of your mouth. I held her face against my groin as I began pumping a huge load straight down her throat. When she started gagging, I realized that I had to release her. She pulled her head back, grabbed my hands and put them on the back of her head as she f***ed herself back down on my cock. She wanted to be gagged with my cock. Once my cock began to soften, she lifted her head, looking at me and slowly stroking my cock. She then asked me if I enjoyed my first deep throat blowjob.

As she stood, we shared a kiss and a hug. I massaged her ass cheeks as we swayed together in the middle of the hotel room.

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3 years ago
very good start
4 years ago
Good start!

4 years ago
would love to read the rest!